2015 Focus ST with mountune MP275 Intercooler

This past saturday, California ST club member John K brought his 2015 Ford Focus ST [ST3] into the shop @ ModAuto to give his Focus ST suspension a healthy drop and better handling behaviors. We’ve shown you several Focus STs on Swift Springs, and John K’s ST is in for a set of Swift Springs for Focus ST as well – it’s safe to say that these are an extremely popular option, and noone has had anything negative to say about them. ModAuto CEO/Co-Founder Mike Brown helped facilitate the install.Ford_Focus_ST3_15_JohnK_Swift_CobbRRSway_Stg2-1
In addition to the Swift Spec R Springs for Focus ST, we also installed a Cobb Rear Sway Bar for Focus ST to make the handling behavior of the car even sharper and a bit less prone to oversteer. Yes, we said oversteer… in an FWD car. No, we’re not screwing with you. The install techs made quick work of both the springs and sway bar, and everything was installed before you could say Bob’s your uncle.
Ford_Focus_ST3_15_JohnK_Swift_CobbRRSway_Stg2-2John was thrilled with the stance of the car on the Swift Springs, with some wheelgap still there for clearance.
Ford_Focus_ST3_15_JohnK_Swift_CobbRRSway_Stg2-5 The rear profile of the car is even sharper with the lower stance.Ford_Focus_ST3_15_JohnK_Swift_CobbRRSway_Stg2-6 Out back, John’s ST is rocking an FS Werks Cat-Back Exhaust for Focus ST for a more aggressive bark when he steps on the go-pedal.Ford_Focus_ST3_15_JohnK_Swift_CobbRRSway_Stg2-8
Under the hood, there are a few more performance goodies, like an Injen Intake for Focus ST.

With its integrated heat shield and high flow filter and tube, the Injen Intake for Focus ST delivers a gain of +8whp and +22WTQ for an improvement in go you’ll feel on the butt dyno.

Further enhancing the performance of the Focus ST is a Cobb AccessPORT with a Pro-Tune by Randy Robles at mountune USA, which vdyno readouts say is good for 279HP / 399TQ – not too shabby!

The car looked so good with the new ride height, we made an excursion to go snap some photos to appreciate our work.


This shot here has to be one of our favorites.

Ford_Focus_ST3_15_JohnK_Swift_CobbRRSway_Stg2-24Here’s a clean straight on shot in the sun that really gives you a clear idea of the drop.

John loves the improvement in the look and handling of his ST on the Swift Springs, and so do we. Thank you for joining us, and we hope you enjoyed the photos.

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Story & Photos Nick Gregson