Earlier this week Ivan brought in his clean E82 N55-powered 135i M-Sport – lovingly dubbed “PaNTYDR0PR” – to see our resident BMW specialist, Senior Mod Expert Alan Wei, to have his H&R Lowering Springs for BMW E82 1-Series installed. Ivan’s car already boasted several key upgrades, but as we’ve said before and we’ll probably say again, lowering your car is something that really starts to bug you once you have a few things done to your car, and Ivan’s 1er definitely was a prime candidate for a drop.




Ivan’s 135i sports a custom exhaust fabricated by a friend, mated to a custom-fabricated N55 Downpipe to let that 135i breathe a bit more freely. Typically a downpipe will yield a 20hp gain when tuned, and the exhaust typically yields another 10 horses, so this exhaust tweak, coupled with a tune is a rather clever solution that while not as “finished” as a complete catback still gets the job done effectively.



The ECU has been smartened up thanks to a COBB AccessPORT for N55 to get the most out of the custom downpipe and free flowing exhaust and the Berger Motorsports N55 Intake, giving this 1er a significant boost in power over stock.

Up front, the pair of Gloss Black Kidney Grilles for BMW 1-Series has been given a subtle DTM touch with German national colors painted onto the three rightmost fins of the driver’s side grille.bmw-e82-135i-hr-springs-vmr-wheelsv710-cf-spoiler-cobb-bms-intake-ivan-onlift006

Out back, a subtle Carbon Fiber Trunk Spoiler for BMW E82 creates a nice way to blend in the black accents on the 135i badging and BMW roundels.



Wrapped in sticky BF Goodrich T/A KDW Tires, the 18in VMR V703 Wheels for BMW E82 are spec’d at 18×8.5 / 18×9.5, with 215/40-ZR18 front and 245/35-ZR18 in the back, and the aggressive tread of the KDW line certainly sends a menacing message.

bmw-e82-135i-hr-springs-vmr-wheelsv710-cf-spoiler-cobb-bms-intake-ivan-after009 bmw-e82-135i-hr-springs-vmr-wheelsv710-cf-spoiler-cobb-bms-intake-ivan-after008 bmw-e82-135i-hr-springs-vmr-wheelsv710-cf-spoiler-cobb-bms-intake-ivan-after007 bmw-e82-135i-hr-springs-vmr-wheelsv710-cf-spoiler-cobb-bms-intake-ivan-after006 bmw-e82-135i-hr-springs-vmr-wheelsv710-cf-spoiler-cobb-bms-intake-ivan-after005 bmw-e82-135i-hr-springs-vmr-wheelsv710-cf-spoiler-cobb-bms-intake-ivan-after004 bmw-e82-135i-hr-springs-vmr-wheelsv710-cf-spoiler-cobb-bms-intake-ivan-after003 bmw-e82-135i-hr-springs-vmr-wheelsv710-cf-spoiler-cobb-bms-intake-ivan-after002 bmw-e82-135i-hr-springs-vmr-wheelsv710-cf-spoiler-cobb-bms-intake-ivan-after001


With the drop, the wheels and the power mods all working together, Ivan – with a little help from Mod Expert Alan Wei – has given his E82 BMW 135i a very clean yet aggressive look with the power to deliver on those visual promises of speed.

Thanks to Ivan for sharing his build with us and for choosing to trust us with his install.

Interested in modifying your BMW? Talk to the Mod Experts– call us at 714-582-3330 (dial x8006 for Alan)

Story & Photos Nick Gregson

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