When T. Fobbs wanted to lower his F02 BMW 750Li, he reached out to the Mod Experts- Sr Mod Expert Elliott Goodman knew just how to make that happen – like we’ve done on another black 750Li in the past. Already rolling on a set of white custom Forgiato Wheels for BMW 7-Series, all the car needed was a drop to give it the perfect look.

BMW_F01_750LI_H&R_ELS_Forgiato_TFobbs-1Dropping the 7 isn’t as easy as you’d think – With the 7-series it’s not a conventional spring setup, as the rear is fitted with a self-levelling air ride system. To drop the car, H&R solved that problem with a set of clever brackets that drop the ride height in the rear to match the front for their H&R Springs for BMW 750LI
BMW_F01_750LI_H&R_ELS_Forgiato_TFobbs-3 Here’s the side profile sitting low on the Forgiatos.
BMW_F01_750LI_H&R_ELS_Forgiato_TFobbs-7 The front profile looks more aggressive too sitting lower to the ground.BMW_F01_750LI_H&R_ELS_Forgiato_TFobbs-8The wheelgap is basically gone and even with those massive Forgiato wheels for BMW 7-Series, there’s still just enough clearance so that the car’s still driveable around SoCal’s crumbling roads.


Interested in lowering your 7-series? Talk to Mod Expert Elliott Goodman, who can recommend a way for you to get that drop on nearly any vehicle. We invite you to chat with our Mod Experts who can guide you to an upgrade that will do what you want and that you’ll be happy with long-term – call us at 714-582-3330 (x8009 for Elliott)


Story & Photos by Nicholas Gregson