Today the Mod Experts brought in this handsome black Gen 5 Camaro SS to give it the stance it so desperately needed. Already sporting a set of custom wheels for Camaro (custom 20in Gianelles wrapped in 245/30-20 315/35-20), the ride height needed to come down to give it the look it deserved. Aiming for a stance that’d look great but still be usable as a daily driver on the crappy roads of SoCal, a conservative drop was what the Mod Experts recommended this customer go with.


We installed a set of BC Racing Coilovers for Gen 5 Camaro to drop the ride height and replace the OEM shocks and springs, and on an older gen 5, the OEM Camaro Suspension was probably due for replacement anyway. BC Racing Coilovers are an excellent value for the money – while the brand name isn’t well known, for $1000 for virtually every application and all BC Racing Coilovers are fully adjustable (32-way), making these a great choice for the enthusiast on a budget, and it’s great to have that functionality should you decide to do a track day. camaro-bc-coilovers-gianelle-20in-wheels-flowmaster-exhaust-img010 camaro-bc-coilovers-gianelle-20in-wheels-flowmaster-exhaust-img016

From this angle, you can see the BC Coilovers and you might notice that this Camaro Exhaust isn’t stock – sporting a full Flowmaster Outlaw Catback Exhaust for Gen 5 Camaro, this Camaro puts down a good 11hp more than stock and has that proper musclecar growl you’d expect of a Camaro.

camaro-bc-coilovers-gianelle-20in-wheels-flowmaster-exhaust-img009 camaro-bc-coilovers-gianelle-20in-wheels-flowmaster-exhaust-img013

The dual round polished Flowmaster Exhaust tips peek out of the rear valance a bit more than stock for a slightly more aggressive look.

Scope out how the car looks settled onto the BC Coilovers for Camaro in the photos below.

camaro-bc-coilovers-gianelle-20in-wheels-flowmaster-exhaust-img001 camaro-bc-coilovers-gianelle-20in-wheels-flowmaster-exhaust-img002 camaro-bc-coilovers-gianelle-20in-wheels-flowmaster-exhaust-img003 camaro-bc-coilovers-gianelle-20in-wheels-flowmaster-exhaust-img004 camaro-bc-coilovers-gianelle-20in-wheels-flowmaster-exhaust-img005 camaro-bc-coilovers-gianelle-20in-wheels-flowmaster-exhaust-img006 camaro-bc-coilovers-gianelle-20in-wheels-flowmaster-exhaust-img007 camaro-bc-coilovers-gianelle-20in-wheels-flowmaster-exhaust-img008 camaro-bc-coilovers-gianelle-20in-wheels-flowmaster-exhaust-img012


With the dropped ride height, exhaust and wheels all working together, it creates one cohesive package that makes this Camaro how it should’ve been from the factory.

Interested in modifying your Camaro – or any ponycar for that matter – talk to the Mod Experts– who can tell you all about this car or all about our 600HP APR Widebody Vortech-Supercharged Mustang GT and how they created the look that car boasts today – give us a call at 714-582-3330.


Story & Photos Nick Gregson