Sometimes, it’s the small things that can really make the difference in a car’s appearance. That’s why this F87 BMW M2 came in for a visit with Mod Expert Tim to give this M2 some fancy new bits to dress it up. Check it out in the post below.

To clean up the aesthetics of the F87 BMW M2 exterior, Tim set up this M2 with a set of Painted Rear Reflectors for BMW F87 M2.

The white painted reflectors fill in the rear reflector slots that normally would be bright red, souring the otherwise clean look of the rear end. To further enhance its rear end appearance, we also fitted a Carbon Fiber Rear Diffuser for F87 BMW M2.

The carbon fiber adds a much more aggressive look to the M2 lending more visual ‘street cred’ to the car’s performance potential.
The overall effect is a look that’s clean, purposeful and aggressive. Also lowered on Genuine BMW M Performance Parts Coilovers, produced by KW Suspension for BMW, the drop in ride height makes the car look especially sharp.

Here’s another angle.

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Story & Photos Nick Gregson