The F87 BMW M2 hasn’t even been out for six months and already we’re seeing our first modified examples here. While the selection of aftermarket parts for the M2 is still limited since it is a brand new car, there’s already the BMW Performance brand of goodies to bolt right on. This M2 came in to have his exhaust tips changed from silver to black and to drop the M2 with a set of the BMW Performance Coilovers for F87 M2.

This Alpine White F87 M2 is rocking a slick black and white panda scheme with blacked out accents on the white bodywork, making for a sharply contrasted vehicle – the theme starts with a set of Gloss Black OEM BMW Kidney Grilles for F87 BMW M2.

The Dual Slat Gloss Black BMW Performance Grille looks worlds sharper than the chintzy looking chrome set that comes factory. Chrome only works on certain colors with the right theme, so black is really the way to go on most cars.

The Gloss Black OEM BMW M2 Fender Grilles will go brilliantly with the new Gloss Black Exhaust Tips.

In this shot you can see the chrome OEM exhaust tips on the floor next to the black chrome tips that are replacing them to give you an idea of the contrast.

We’ll be lowering this F87 M2 Suspension with a set of Genuine BMW M Performance Parts Coilovers. Produced by KW Suspension for BMW, these are a great way to lower the car (if a bit pricey).

The BMW Performance Coilovers feature adjustable damping and comes complete with a nice little tool kit for making adjustments.


Check out how the whole package looks all put together. The black tips really go nicely with the alpine white exterior, and the whole package ties together for a really clean effect. Here’s the rear view. While you can’t tell much from straight on, with any kind of an angle, the black tips really stand out and key in well to the black painted inner barrels of the OEM wheels. Here’s a closeup.

The M2 is a gorgeous car and we can’t wait to get more into the shop. Thanks for joining us and we hope you enjoyed the photos.

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Story & Photos Nick Gregson