If there’s one thing keeping the F56 Mini Cooper‘s bulldog stance from being aggressive enough for the car, it just doesn’t have enough bark to go with its bite. We’ve been modding Minis for some time here at ModBargains, and it’s always fun when we install Mini Cooper Mods at the shop. This is one of the first few F56 Mini Cooper S models we’ve had come through the shop, and the first Remus Exhaust for F56 Mini Cooper S that we’ve installed as well. That’s why Sr Mod Expert Alan Wei helped this F56 Mini Cooper S get a new exhaust from REMUS to be installed right here at ModAuto.

Remus Exhaust F56 Mini Cooper S Cat Back Exhaust 2

The Remus Exhaust system for the F56 is a Valvetronic type setup, which utilizes an electronic valve to modulate exhaust volume on the fly to offer a quieter tone when idling but opens up when you step on it- or you can open and close the valve at will by pressing a button.

Mini_F56_Cooper_S_Remus_Exhaust-3 The Remus POWERSOUND Sport Exhaust System for F56 Mini Cooper S offers a modest +4whp / +5wtq gain and a much deeper, sportier exhaust note, and the powersound function means the sound’s there when you want it, quiet when you don’t.


Like most exhaust systems, you’re going to make a bit more power than factory – Remus has previously supplied competition mufflers for BMW Motorsport and Porsche Motorsport factory race teams, so they know a thing or two about getting power out of an exhaust system. The boffins over at Remus have pulled a healthy +4whp and +5wtq gain with just the axleback Remus Sport Exhaust for F56 Mini Cooper S, with a bit more and a little more sound with the optional resonated midpipe, which makes it a full cat-back system.

Mini_F56_Cooper_S_Remus_Exhaust-7While the tips are also available in Chrome Silver, Remus’ Carbon Angled Tips go brilliantly with the aggressive rear bumper treatment of the Cooper S, and the owner’s use of the new Vintage style Black California license plates creates a cohesive look amongst all the black accents.

Have a listen to what the system sounds like in action in this clip from Remus Innovation.


Though the Mini is bigger than ever, the tuneable N20 engine under the hood means this generation of Mini will be one of the most responsive to modding.

We hope you enjoyed the photos! Thanks for joining us.

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Story & Photos Nick Gregson

Updated 2/19/16