Tim N has been working with Sr Mod Expert Alan Wei for quite some time – so when it came time to mod his new F36 BMW 428i Gran Coupe with a drop and set of wheels, Tim naturally reached out to Alan & our team of Mod Experts.BMW_F36_428i_GranCoupe_BC_Coilovers_Forgestar_F14_19x85_19x10_FALKEN_-2 As we’ve said before, one of the easiest and simplest ways to make any car look better is to fit it with a set of good looking wheels and give it a drop – and Alan had just the wheels for F32 in mind to give Tim’s BMW 428i GranCoupe the look he was after.BMW_F36_428i_GranCoupe_BC_Coilovers_Forgestar_F14_19x85_19x10_FALKEN_-4 Alan recommended a set of Forgestar wheels – a set of 19in F14 wheels for BMW, spec’d at 19×8.5 Semi Concave up front with 19×10 Deep Concave wheels out back.BMW_F36_428i_GranCoupe_BC_Coilovers_Forgestar_F14_19x85_19x10_FALKEN_-6 Giving the 428i GC additional grip is a fresh set of Falken Tires– 435’s in 245/35-19 / 275/30-19 to give the car a beefy stance, and then to give it the drop, Alan recommended a set of BC Coilovers for BMW 4-Series, which offers 30-way adjustment at a price point that comes in at a hair over ten benji’s. BMW_F36_428i_GranCoupe_BC_Coilovers_Forgestar_F14_19x85_19x10_FALKEN_-7 Check out how the F32 suspension sits with the BC Coilovers installed.BMW_F36_428i_GranCoupe_BC_Coilovers_Forgestar_F14_19x85_19x10_FALKEN_-11 BMW_F36_428i_GranCoupe_BC_Coilovers_Forgestar_F14_19x85_19x10_FALKEN_-1 From the side profile the car looks even better.BMW_F36_428i_GranCoupe_BC_Coilovers_Forgestar_F14_19x85_19x10_FALKEN_-9 The triple black look works brilliantly on Tim’s F36.BMW_F36_428i_GranCoupe_BC_Coilovers_Forgestar_F14_19x85_19x10_FALKEN_-10


We hope you enjoyed the photos of this uniquely modded GranCoupe. Thanks for joining us, we’ll see you next time!

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Story & Photos Nick Gregson