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As we said in our guide to the Best Mods for BMW F30 328i, after a set of wheels and a drop, an exhaust system is one of the best mods you can do to your F30 – it changes the look, sound and performance of your 3-series for the better, and it’s something you’ll notice every time you fire up the car.

When you’re considering an exhaust system for your F30, the sound is the most important aspect of the system. Not price, not horsepower. Sound. That’s tricky too, since sound is subjective- much like I might like the Beatles whereas you prefer the Rolling Stones, not everyone likes the same sound. That’s why AWE Tuning puts so many hours of R&D into fine-tuning the sound of their exhaust systems, and why they offer both a “TRACK” and “TOURING” edition exhaust system.

See, a great exhaust system is like a work of art – beautiful to look at and listen to – and AWE Tuning is known for offering systems of that sort of caliber. AWE Tuning built their legendary reputation tuning Audi, Porsche and VW models and turned the BMW aftermarket on its head when they decided to get into the BMW game.

BMW_F30_335i_AWE_Tuning_QuadExhaust (2)And that’s why we’re installing an AWE Tuning Touring Edition Quad Exhaust System for F30 328i on this particular F30 here. This system will give the 3 a much better sound, drawing the best tone possible out of the turbo four under the hood while sexing up the bland 328i rear end with a set of gorgeous quad tips.
BMW_F30_335i_AWE_Tuning_QuadExhaust (3)Here’s how everything came fresh out of the box.
BMW_F30_335i_AWE_Tuning_QuadExhaust (5) Our Installer Juan can be seen here test-fitting the AWE Tuning 328i Quad Exhaust against the 328i M-Sport Rear diffuser before he cuts the opening for the exhaust tips on the passenger side.BMW_F30_335i_AWE_Tuning_QuadExhaust (6) Here’s how everything looked after taking off the plastic and cutting the new outlet in the diffuser.BMW_F30_335i_AWE_Tuning_QuadExhaust (7) As we mentioned, AWE Tuning puts a lot of effort into controlling the sound of their exhaust systems – their patented 180 Technology utilized in their exhaust components allows them to create a virtually drone-free exhaust system. Proprietary tech like this is what makes AWE what it is.BMW_F30_335i_AWE_Tuning_QuadExhaust (8)

Here’s a straight on view of the rear end before hanging the exhaust tips in position.

BMW_F30_335i_AWE_Tuning_QuadExhaust (9) Looking down the barrel of the polished tips, you can see there’s a lot more going on inside each AWE Tuning Exhaust system than simply open piping.BMW_F30_335i_AWE_Tuning_QuadExhaust (10) From every angle, AWE Tuning’s exhaust systems are utterly beautiful. It’s an absolute shame that almost noone can see these details once the car’s on the ground.BMW_F30_335i_AWE_Tuning_QuadExhaust (11)

BMW_F30_335i_AWE_Tuning_QuadExhaust (15)Sr Technician Dave and Installer Juan finesse the tips into their final positions.

BMW_F30_335i_AWE_Tuning_QuadExhaust (22)With everything in position, here’s a look at the system from the side.

BMW_F30_335i_AWE_Tuning_QuadExhaust (16)

BMW_F30_335i_AWE_Tuning_QuadExhaust (19) With everything in its final place, the quad tips look fantastic and fill out the rear diffuser much more fully, giving the 328i a far more aggressive look, dramatically enhancing its appearance.

Unfortunately this 328i had to take off right after installation, so we didn’t get the opportunity to capture this system on the ground – but you can hear this system in action for yourself in the youtube clip below.

BMW_F30_335i_AWE_Tuning_QuadExhaust (20)

The sound of your exhaust is one of the first things people notice about your car, so why not sound damn good when they hear you, and be that guy that makes people turn their head and say “oooh, what’s that?” when they hear you pass by? Upgrade your F30 exhaust today with a fantastic system like this from AWE Tuning and make your 3 look and sound like the car it’s supposed to be.

Here’s a look at how this system looks installed.

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Story Nicholas Gregson