BMW_F22_M235i_BMW_Performance_Splitter_-2When the E82 1-Series ceased production, it left many BMW enthusiasts feeling like there was a “Small Performance BMW”-sized hole in their hearts. And then the F22 2-Series hit the streets, with the M235i immediately on the market and promises of an insane M2 on the horizon, BMW was telling us that rather our beloved 1er had really just changed its name to 2.

Fresh from the dealership this F22 BMW M235i came in for a few cosmetic mods to dress up the exterior of their 2. The M235i has a handsome rear end with a M Performance Rear Bumper & Diffuser complimented by a BMW Performance Trunk Spoiler for F22 2-series painted in body color.BMW_F22_M235i_BMW_Performance_Splitter_-5

We quickly fitted the car with a BMW M Performance Front Lip Spoiler for F22 BMW 2-Series, adding a more aggressive aesthetic to the ///M235i exterior.

The M Performance Splitter really has a 3-piece kind of look to it, with corner pieces as well as the main blade of the lower splitter element.
BMW_F22_M235i_BMW_Performance_Splitter_-13Despite the low light conditions, we still were able to take a few nice shots out front to capture the look of the car, and the cloud cover made the light play nicely over the silver finish. Check out the gallery below.BMW_F22_M235i_BMW_Performance_Splitter_-11 BMW_F22_M235i_BMW_Performance_Splitter_-9 BMW_F22_M235i_BMW_Performance_Splitter_-7 BMW_F22_M235i_BMW_Performance_Splitter_-6Want to get more power out of your F22? Check out our BEST BOLT ON MODS FOR N55 for F30, F22 and other late model BMWs.

This F22 M235i is already off to a great start with this splitter and we’re sure we’ll see this car again for more in the future- we can’t wait to see what’s next.

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Thanks for joining us, and we’ll see you next time!

Story & Photos by Nick Gregson