The F22 BMW M235i is a sharp car to begin with, but as it rolls off the showroom floor, as with every BMW, there are some annoying details that have to be sorted out for the car to look its best. This F22 M235i came in to have a custom-painted BMW Performance Front Splitter for F22 2-Series installed, but this F22 Exterior already had a few of the details that clean it up handled. To the untrained eye, you might not see it, so let’s take a closer look and get into it.


All USA-spec BMWs come with these ugly amber reflectors at the corner of the bumper – that ugly yellow blob kinda fouls the car’s lines, so a set of Paint-Matched Painted Front Reflectors for BMW 228i & M235i is a mod that if done right, people will look and go, “that’s really clean looking”, and not be able to figure out why.


Here’s a closeup of those painted reflectors- the paint match really is spot-on.


A set of Gloss Black BMW Performance Kidney Grilles for 2-Series contribute to the red-and-black theme the car has going. Bringing that together is the custom-painted BMW Performance Front Splitter for M235i, which has been partially painted body color for a unique look. Installing a painted piece like this can be tricky, which is why he brought it to Mod Expert James and the expert installers at ModAuto for installation.


A subtle BMW Performance Side Skirt runs along the lower edge, completing the effect started by the splitter.


With the upper spats of the BMW Performance Splitter painted bodycolor, it changes the profile of the M235i a good bit up front.


At the rear of the car, the red and black theme continues, mirroring the front end’s red and black contrast with a set of black exhaust tips and a spoiler.


A gloss black BMW Performance Trunk Spoiler for BMW M235i sits on the decklid, giving it a little bit of a lip, but this version of the spoiler has a lower kick than the carbon fiber version.


Altogether, this F22 M235i looks fantastic with a well executed contrasting color scheme – it’s the very definition of a clean build, as this looks like how the car SHOULD have come stock.

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Story & Photos by Nick Gregson