Much like it is for the F30 320i/328i, the BMW F22 228i can reap similar power gains with the same style performance parts thanks to the shared N20 and N26 Turbocharged four cylinder engines, as we said in our Best Mods for BMW N20 Engines post a while back.



The Injen Intake for BMW 228i is a surprisingly potent little bolt on, yielding a whopping +22 horsepower gain to the wheels, and a modest 9 lb/ft of torque as well.

The heat-shielded intake inlet keeps hot air out, but its location directly behind the kidney grille inlets is ideal for drawing in cold air. In addition, thanks to its free flowing design, you can hear your turbo four spool a bit more easily for a more satisfying sound when you sink the pedal to the floor – and because it doesn’t need to muffle sound, it can flow much more freely allowing for the gains above.


This F22 exterior has a few upgrades as well – a keen observer will note the painted front reflectors for BMW F22 and the gloss black BMW Performance Kidney Grilles which give the front end a clean OEM+ appearance.


These mods are a great starting point, and we can’t wait to see what’s next. Be sure to check out our guide to the 6 Best Mods for F22 BMW 228i and M235i here to get some ideas of your own.

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Story & Photos by Nicholas Gregson