BMW-F12-M6-KW-Sleeveover-Kit-Before-002With a car with an electronically adjustable shock system from the factory, you can’t just switch over to coilovers and retain the functions of the OEM electronic shocks. Fortunately the boffins over at KW Suspension understood this problem and developed their new Height Adjustable Spring Kits to drop the ride height of cars fitted with these systems while retaining the functionality. This car’s owner reached out to the Mod Experts to make a few key M6 Suspension mods to this fresh-off-the-lot F12 M6. For the reasons we just mentioned, the KW Height Adjustable Spring kit for F12 BMW M6 was the perfect upgrade for the job.

BMW-F12-M6-KW-Sleeveover-Kit-installed-004 BMW-F12-M6-KW-Sleeveover-Kit-installed-003 BMW-F12-M6-KW-Sleeveover-Kit-installed-002 BMW-F12-M6-KW-Sleeveover-Kit-installed-001


In addition to the KW Height Adjustable Spring Kit, the owner also had us install a set of OEM BMW Competition Package Swaybars for F12 M6 to further enhance the handling performance of the ///M Grand Tourer.BMW-F12-M6-KW-Sleeveover-Kit-Before-AfterWe put together this side-by-side comparison so you can really see the difference created by the KW Height Adjustable Spring Kit for BMW M6.


BMW-F12-M6-KW-Sleeveover-Kit-after-009 BMW-F12-M6-KW-Sleeveover-Kit-after-008
The new lowered stance of the car gives this F12 M6 an even more menacing look than it had to begin with.

BMW-F12-M6-KW-Sleeveover-Kit-after-007 BMW-F12-M6-KW-Sleeveover-Kit-after-006 BMW-F12-M6-KW-Sleeveover-Kit-after-005
BMW-F12-M6-KW-Sleeveover-Kit-after-003 BMW-F12-M6-KW-Sleeveover-Kit-after-002


All in all, the finished look is fantastic and we’re glad we could be a part of making an awesome ///M car even better.

Interested in ordering a KW Height Adjustable Spring Kit for your F12 M6? Don’t see the part you’re looking for listed? Just give us a call and ask! We can probably get any wheels you can imagine – call the Mod Experts at 714-582-3330 or speak to any of our Mod Experts who can assist you with ordering nearly any upgrade on the aftermarket.

Story & Photos by Nick Gregson