VMR_Wheels_V803_19x10_19x11_GM_on_Joon_BMW_E92_M3_Black-2In the background you can see the original front end of Danny R’s F10 BMW 550i – it’s kinda ho-hum, the non-M sport front end of the F10 is largely nothing to write home about, so when he wanted to change up the look of his 5-series he got in touch with the Mod Experts to fit his F10 5er with a M5 Style front Bumper for F10 BMW 5-series. As we’ve mentioned before, we’re able to offer paint services to our local customers (we only offer paint to local cars as we need to see the car to paint match accurately).BMW_F10_550i_BMW_M5_style_bumper-5

The back end of the 550i is actually pretty sharp, with dual rectangular exhaust ports poking through the bumper. Danny’s F10 already sports a Carbon Fiber Performance Style Trunk Spoiler for F10 on his rear decklid, which, in combination with the 550i rear end, will be a great compliment to the M5 style front bumper.BMW_F10_550i_BMW_M5_style_bumper-2The M5 Style front bumper looks especially nice on the car, and the paint match looks like it’s spot on.


After inspecting our handiwork, it was out of the garage and into the sunlight. Let’s take a look at how the M5 style bumper looks installed from a couple different angles.

BMW_F10_550i_BMW_M5_style_bumper-22BMW_F10_550i_BMW_M5_style_bumper-14BMW_F10_550i_BMW_M5_style_bumper-16Of course, after shooting the new front bumper, it’d be terrible not to photograph the car how it looked as an overall package.BMW_F10_550i_BMW_M5_style_bumper-11 BMW_F10_550i_BMW_M5_style_bumper-13


Thanks to Danny R, the owner of this F10 550i for choosing ModBargains to give his F10 exterior the M5 facelift and for trusting the expertise of the Mod Experts.


Thanks for joining us- check out our other great offerings for the F10 here. Feel free to contact the Mod Experts directly by emailing sales@modbargains.com or simply call at 714.582.3330 to change the look of your ride or schedule your install today!

Story & Photos Nick Gregson