One of the easiest ways to change the character of your car in a way that you’ll notice every time you drive is to upgrade the exhaust system. Not only does your exhaust make up a large part of your car’s rear end visual appearance, but also the sound it makes is something that not only you, but everyone near you will notice as well. On the 535i, the OEM exhaust system is definitely on the conservative side, and really doesn’t convey the authority of the powerful turbo six under the hood either. That’s why Dat V brought his F10 535i in to see Mod Expert Elliott for an upgraded Exhaust from Magnaflow.

The Magnaflow Exhaust for BMW F10 535i is a true cat-back system and replaces virtually the entire exhaust system for the best possible sound and performance.

Featuring 2.5in diameter, mandrel-bent stainless steel, this exhaust system is set up to flow smoothly, resulting in a noticeable bump in horsepower and torque along with faster throttle response – not to mention that deep, authoritative exhaust note. Have a listen to the video above to hear it for yourself.

The system looks as good from below as its 4in polished tips do from behind. Install Technician Gus tightens up the last few connections to ensure everything’s secure.

The 4in round polished rolled edge tips look fantastic and fill out the OEM Exhaust openings perfectly for a beefy, intimidating look. With the car back on the ground, now let’s have a look at how the system is sitting.

The polished tips of the Magnaflow Exhaust for F10 535i are inset just under the edge of the bumper for a subtle look – no excess protrusion here.

The stainless finish of the exhaust and the oversized tips really do make the car’s rear end much more aggressive and intimidating, too.

Overall, the improvement in the character of this 535i M-Sport is immediately noticeable both inside the cabin and nearby, but manages to do so without being obnoxious or too loud to drive comfortably – it’s that goldilocks “just right” volume level that should be great for a daily driven car.

Thanks for joining us once again and we hope you enjoyed the photos. Need some ideas or inspiration, or not sure what you can do to your 5er? Check out Best mods Guide for the F10 BMW 528i, 535i and 550i here, then we invite you to consult our team of Mod Experts if you have questions.

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Story & Photos Nick Gregson