BMW_F10_528i_Remus_Quad_Exhaust_Jenny (2) A friend in need is a friend indeed, and so when Jenny C wanted a new exhaust for her F10 BMW 528i, it only made sense that she ask her friend Mod Expert Sean for his recommendations. Jenny’s BMW F10 528i is a car that’s definitely got an imposing character, so Sean needed to find an exhaust that suited the car and Jenny’s taste – settling on a great option from Remus Exhaust.
BMW_F10_528i_Remus_Quad_Exhaust_Jenny (5)

Rocking a set of custom matte black wheels, this F10 is off to a strong start of standing apart from the crowd.

BMW_F10_528i_Remus_Quad_Exhaust_Jenny (10)

To give it a bit more authority than the blah single-exit twin factory exhaust tips, Sean recommended a Remus Quad Exhaust for F10 BMW 528i, which replaces the factory chrome tips with a set of four 84mm Carbon-Fiber Trimmed “Street Race” exhaust tips.

BMW_F10_528i_Remus_Quad_Exhaust_Jenny (17)

BMW_F10_528i_Remus_Quad_Exhaust_Jenny (11)

The trouble with the F10 is that the factory trunk pan doesn’t allow for the effective placement of mufflers, so Remus Innovation came up with a clever cross-over for the quad tips that works with the shape of the funky trunk pan. The trunk pan is the same reason why you can’t run an M3 exhaust on a non-M car.

BMW_F10_528i_Remus_Quad_Exhaust_Jenny (18)

From up top you can see the window in each exhaust tip that exposes the carbon fiber trim.

BMW_F10_528i_Remus_Quad_Exhaust_Jenny (13)


BMW_F10_528i_Remus_Quad_Exhaust_Jenny (19)

The quad tips fill out the openings in the rear bumper nicely, giving the car an aura of authority as well as a healthy growl at idle.

BMW_F10_528i_Remus_Quad_Exhaust_Jenny (6) BMW_F10_528i_Remus_Quad_Exhaust_Jenny (7)
While Mod Expert Sean’s specialty is the E9X M3, the way this car came out after adding a quad exhaust is showcases Sean’s familiarity with the F10 and other late model BMW vehicles.
BMW_F10_528i_Remus_Quad_Exhaust_Jenny (15)

With the quad exhaust in place, the “IMMITATER” looks – and sounds – better than ever.

BMW_F10_528i_Remus_Quad_Exhaust_Jenny (16)

Not sure how to make your boring stock F10 BMW 528i more interesting? Jenny’s F10 sets the example for how to make a BMW 528i look imposing and badass like a big 5er is supposed to be.

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Story & Photos Nick Gregson