BMW_F30_ActiveHybrid3_EstorilBlue_CF_Lip_Skirts_Diffuser_Wing-2 When most people think of a Hybrid, they think of something awful and soulcrushing to drive, like a Prius. In today’s world however, Hybrid doesn’t have to be a dirty word, and BMW has some of the best hybrid tech around. This BMW F30 ActiveHybrid 3 may have an electric motor, but what that badge doesn’t tell you is that a nasty turbo N55 also happens to live under the hood. Guess what. An ActiveHybrid3 can be modified using the same N55 go fast parts as an F30 335i (most of them, anyways) to make getting good mileage a whole lot more fun. The first step is making the car a bit more visually appealing, and Sr Mod Expert Alan Wei was just the man to help this customer make that happen.



This ActiveHybrid 3 has a good number of mods planned soon, so we took the first step in fitting the car with some aesthetic upgrades to make this BMW hybrid a bit less “i3” and a lot more “M3”. Up front, we’ve fitted a V2 style Carbon Fiber Front Splitter for BMW F30 M-sport models, and since this F30 rolled in rocking M-sport bumpers already, the CF splitter matched right up.


At the rear of the car, a Carbon Fiber Performance Style Rear Diffuser for BMW F30 was fitted to give the back end of the car more personality.

BMW_F30_ActiveHybrid3_EstorilBlue_CF_Lip_Skirts_Diffuser_Wing-5 This Carbon Fiber Diffuser is set up to accommodate the 335i dual exhaust configuration, but is also available in single exit and quad tip configurations to suit your model and exhaust setup.BMW_F30_ActiveHybrid3_EstorilBlue_CF_Lip_Skirts_Diffuser_Wing-6The fins of the diffuser really give the car a much sportier look.
BMW_F30_ActiveHybrid3_EstorilBlue_CF_Lip_Skirts_Diffuser_Wing-8 Giving the side profile a bit more character is a set of Carbon Fiber Side Skirt Extensions for BMW F30, which keep the line of carbon going cleanly nose to tail, completing the ensemble.BMW_F30_ActiveHybrid3_EstorilBlue_CF_Lip_Skirts_Diffuser_Wing-9 Here’s a closer look at the side skirt extensions-  they’re a great compliment to the M-Sport Style Side Skirts for F30.BMW_F30_ActiveHybrid3_EstorilBlue_CF_Lip_Skirts_Diffuser_Wing-11 Let’s take another look at how the whole package comes together. Here’s another angle of the V2 Carbon Fiber Front Lip for BMW F30, and from here you can see one of the details that’s not normally visible that really cleans up the front end – a set of Painted Front Reflectors for BMW F30, painted to match the car’s exact paint code for a super clean appearance.BMW_F30_ActiveHybrid3_EstorilBlue_CF_Lip_Skirts_Diffuser_Wing-12The V2 style front lip protrudes a enough to give the car an aggressive, motorsport inspired look but not enough that it’s “overdoing it”.
BMW_F30_ActiveHybrid3_EstorilBlue_CF_Lip_Skirts_Diffuser_Wing-17 The Carbon Fiber Side Skirt Extensions protrude just enough to clean up airflow and give the M-Sport side skirts just that little something extra.


We love how the car is coming along thus far, a set of wheels and a drop is next on the agenda, and then maybe a few mods to wake up the performance of the N55 sleeping under the hood.

We’re loving this Hybrid and look forward to seeing it finished.

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Story & Photos Nicholas Gregson