The E93 BMW M3 has one hell of a badass V8 engine under the hood, but it has a major problem. It’s boring and sounds like a damn Prius with the stock exhaust. It sounds muffled, pathetic, and corks up that beautiful twin cam V8.

Yes, the S65 is a screamer that will roar all the way to a sky-high 8300 RPM, unleashing as much as 444hp in its top form, but as we just said, the problem is, the factory exhaust sounds muffled. It’s REALLY quiet! You know, if I wanted to be quiet, I’d go hang out at a library.

When you have one of the most badass V8 engines ever built under the hood, it’s only natural that you’d want your M3 to SOUND like it has a V8 under the hood – especially if you’re in a position to enjoy that beefy V8 burble with the top down like this E93 BMW M3 Cabrio. The lack of satisfying V8 muscle-car burble really takes the fun out of owning a V8 car – which is exactly what brought this E93 to see E9X M3 Specialist Mod Expert Sean about upgrading the V8 BMW M3 Exhaust with something that sounded a bit more fitting of a mighty V8.


To give the car the muscle-car burble you’d expect the S65 V8 to make, Mod Expert Sean recommended a Remus Sport Exhaust for E9X BMW M3, in axle-back form with Remus trademark Carbon Race exhaust tips. It’s a great looking system to be sure, but let’s hold off on talking about looks for a second here and talk about what’s really important here – the sound.


The Remus Exhaust for the E9X M3 gives the car the deep rumble down low that really gives you a feel that you’ve got brutal V8 power at your disposal, waiting to be unleashed, like the heavy breathing of a lion pacing its cage. The M3 finally sounds ‘right’.


Yes, you have muscle-car growl down low, but prod it, and as the tach approaches 8,000, that V8 grumble transforms into an high pitched more exotic tone. Should you settle down, so will the sound, that lion roar becoming more of a purr, offering a great around town and highway drivability as well.

Have a listen for yourself in this clip.

BMW_E93_M3_Remus_CarbonRace_Exhaust_4 Now let’s take a closer look at those slash cut tips. The Remus Carbon Race tips give the car a more DTM-inspired look than the flatter “Street Race” carbon fiber trimmed tips, and rather than a window with a CF inner, the Carbon Race features a band of carbon fiber around the entire circumference of the tips.
The Carbon Race tips are a perfect fit for the dynamic of the E93 BMW M3 Cabrio and really brings out the detail in the OEM rear bumper.


Here’s a closeup to give you a better idea of how far the tips protrude.

BMW_E93_M3_Remus_CarbonRace_Exhaust_13With the sun setting, we couldn’t help but take a few photos.
BMW_E93_M3_Remus_CarbonRace_Exhaust_15BMW_E93_M3_Remus_CarbonRace_Exhaust_19One of our web team members joined the fun with his E92 M3.

How much longer are you going to drive around letting your mighty M3 sound like a pathetic, weakling Prius? Why on earth would you deprive yourself of that glorious V8 soundtrack for a day longer? Upgrade your E9X BMW M3 exhaust today and start sounding like a real V8.


Not sure how to make your boring stock E9X BMW M3 more interesting? Check out our guide to the Best Mods for the BMW E9X M3, then talk to our team of Mod Experts like our resident E9X M3 specialist Sean (x8009 for Sean), give us a call at 714-582-3330 to chat with our team of experts or stop by the ModAuto showroom in La Habra CA during business hours (8-5 M-Sat) and talk to our experts in person.

Story & Photos Nick Gregson