BMW_E92_335i_MSport_Injen_N55_Intake_CSL_Trunk_CF_Msport_Dffsr-1984Clinton B’s BMW E92 335i rolled into the shop a while back to give it an intake system to match the upgraded exhaust. This blacked out E92 coupe sports an N55 Turbo Six under the hood and a today we installed a few performance parts to beef up its already potent torque curve. Sr Mod Expert Alan Wei had just the thing in mind.

BMW_E92_335i_MSport_Injen_N55_Intake_CSL_Trunk_CF_Msport_Dffsr-1979 The OEM airbox of the BMW E92 N55 intake doesn’t exactly breathe freely, meaning an intake upgrade yields a decent amount of power. That’s why Alan recommended an Injen N55 Cold Air Intake for BMW E92 335i, which unlocks another 10whp/13wtq (appx).BMW_E92_335i_MSport_Injen_N55_Intake_CSL_Trunk_CF_Msport_Dffsr-1983 BMW_E92_335i_MSport_Injen_N55_Intake_CSL_Trunk_CF_Msport_Dffsr-1982A set of Gloss Black Kidney Grilles for BMW E92 cleans up the look of the front end.
BMW_E92_335i_MSport_Injen_N55_Intake_CSL_Trunk_CF_Msport_Dffsr-1980As we wrapped up the install, we took a moment to appreciate some of the other unique details of Clinton’s 335i.BMW_E92_335i_MSport_Injen_N55_Intake_CSL_Trunk_CF_Msport_Dffsr-1985


A Carbon Fiber M-Sport Style Rear Diffuser for BMW E92 335i frames a set of quad exhaust tips, creating a subtly aggressive aesthetic.

BMW_E92_335i_MSport_Injen_N55_Intake_CSL_Trunk_CF_Msport_Dffsr-1991 BMW_E92_335i_MSport_Injen_N55_Intake_CSL_Trunk_CF_Msport_Dffsr-1986 A Carbon Fiber CSL-Style Trunk Lid for BMW E92 also helps give the rear end of the car a look all its own.BMW_E92_335i_MSport_Injen_N55_Intake_CSL_Trunk_CF_Msport_Dffsr-1987 Here’s a closeup of the ducktail integrated into the CSL trunk lid.BMW_E92_335i_MSport_Injen_N55_Intake_CSL_Trunk_CF_Msport_Dffsr-1988 Close up, you can really appreciate the detail of the carbon fiber grain.

The intake upgrade perked up performance of this N55 powered 335i with a bit of help from Sr Mod Expert Alan Wei.

Thanks for joining us and we hope you enjoyed the photos. See you next time!

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Story & Photos Nicholas Gregson