Of all the exhausts for BMW E90 out there, the one preferred by many BMW purists is the OEM BMW Performance Exhaust. We don’t mean your factory muffler, but rather, BMW also offers a high performance exhaust as an aftermarket part for virtually every late model BMW vehicle. Offering a refined yet aggressive sound (and often manufactured by Remus Exhausts for BMW). This basically stock E90 BMW 328i came in the other day to change up its sound and its look with a BMW Performance Cat-Back Exhaust for E90 BMW 328i with a bit of help from the Mod Experts.

BMW_E90_328i_White_BMW_Performance_Exhaust_Only-4As we said in our Best Mods for BMW E90 writeup, the exhaust system defines the look of the rear end of your car, and a stock exhaust often seems weird on a modded car. On this mostly-stock LCI BMW 328i, the OEM Exhaust was really showing its age, the factory tips long since stained with all kinds of waterspots and soot, meaning that just replacing these would be a huge aesthetic improvement.BMW_E90_328i_White_BMW_Performance_Exhaust_Only-1 Here’s the BMW Performance muffler element still in the box.BMW_E90_328i_White_BMW_Performance_Exhaust_Only-5 And here’s how the BMW Performance Cat-Back Exhaust for E90 BMW 328i looks, before installing it.BMW_E90_328i_White_BMW_Performance_Exhaust_Only-6 The Cat-Back system includes the connecting pipe you need as well, offering both a better sound and more power than you’d get out of the car with an axle-back setup.BMW_E90_328i_White_BMW_Performance_Exhaust_Only-7Installation is slip-on fit, making these BMW Performance exhausts easy and painless to install.
BMW_E90_328i_White_BMW_Performance_Exhaust_Only-8 The bright polished BMW Performance exhaust tips are not only larger but the bright finish takes years off the look of this E90.BMW_E90_328i_White_BMW_Performance_Exhaust_Only-9 Stepping further back, you can really appreciate the visual impact of the system.BMW_E90_328i_White_BMW_Performance_Exhaust_Only-10 Here’s the low-angle view of how it all went together.

With everything bolted together, all we had to do was just take it outside and appreciate out work in the sunlight.BMW_E90_328i_White_BMW_Performance_Exhaust_Only-14 Even from a distance, we can still see the bright polished tips.BMW_E90_328i_White_BMW_Performance_Exhaust_Only-15
BMW_E90_328i_White_BMW_Performance_Exhaust_Only-17 The BMW Performance Tips also extend further outwards than the OEM setup, giving this 328i a more aggressive look as well.BMW_E90_328i_White_BMW_Performance_Exhaust_Only-18

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Story & Photos Nick Gregson