BMW E63 M6 K&N Intakes (8)

It’s not often we get a E63 BMW M6 through the shop, so it’s something of an occasion when we do. Mod Expert Sean came up with some options to give the M6 a much more satisfying intake note under throttle and a bit more power.

BMW E63 M6 K&N Intakes (2)

BMW E63 M6 K&N Intakes (10)

Onto the lift, and out comes the stock intake.

BMW E63 M6 K&N Intakes (1)
This BMW M6 came in to be fitted with an upgraded Intake for E63 M6, developed by K&N. The dual airboxes of the V10 under the hood aren’t exactly ideal for flow, aimed more at limiting “excessive” noise. But dammit, we want to hear that glorious V10 sing – so the restrictive stock airboxes had to go.

BMW E63 M6 K&N Intakes (4)


BMW E63 M6 K&N Intakes (6)

Good for a rather impressive 21 horsepower gain, the K&N 69-2003 Intake for the E63 BMW M6 and E60 BMW M5 replaces those airboxes with a set of high flow conical filters and integrated heat shields.

BMW E63 M6 K&N Intakes (5) The dual conical filters also give the engine bay a more performance oriented look.
BMW E63 M6 K&N Intakes (7)
BMW E63 M6 K&N Intakes (9)

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Story & Photos Nick Gregson