We’ve had this one sitting in the archives for a while and so we figured what better time than now to share this E63 BMW 650i we lowered a while back? With a full size grand tourer like the 650i, the stock ride height leaves a heck of a lot of wheel gap.  A little drop goes a long way with the look of a car, and Eibach Pro-Kit Springs for BMW 650i are a great choice for dropping the big 6 without degrading the touring car comfort of the car.
BMW_E63_650i_on_Eibach_Springs_Img002 BMW_E63_650i_on_Eibach_Springs_Img003


These Eibach Pro-Kit Springs lower the 650i suspension a whole 1.2 inches both front and rear – though we didn’t get too many “before” shots here, the wheelgap before we started had enough clearance for the 650 to go baja racing.

BMW_E63_650i_on_Eibach_Springs_Img004 BMW_E63_650i_on_Eibach_Springs_Img007 BMW_E63_650i_on_Eibach_Springs_Img006 BMW_E63_650i_on_Eibach_Springs_Img005
As you can see from the photos above, the drop really gives the 6 a much sharper aesthetic and retains the class and ride quality you’d expect of a refined grand tourer.

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Story & Photos Nick Gregson