Lowering any car makes a huge difference in its appearance – and this E60 BMW 525i is a perfect example of that. Sr Mod Expert Alan Wei helped this customer give the E60 a new lease on life. Given its age, the E60 Suspension was in need of replacement anyway, making it a perfect time to install a set of ST Suspension Coilovers for BMW E60. What’s more, the E60 brakes were due for service as well, meaning it was great timing for another “While I’m at it” upgrade with a set of StopTech Brakes for BMW E60.


This 525i was already on the best looking factory wheels available for the E60 (in our opinion anyway)- cribbed from the 550i- so lowering the E60 525i’s Suspension would make it look even better. (However it’s worth saying a set of wheels for BMW E60 like a set of VMR V710FF Wheels in Matte Graphite would have also looked amazing)


First up were the ST Suspension Coilovers for BMW E60. Check out how they come fresh out of the box. You get galvanized coilover bodies paired with ST Suspension Springs, mated to adjustable perches to allow you to dial in your ride height to get the perfect look.


Unlike most vehicles, the E60 5-Series Coilovers will be a full set of four threaded shock bodies and perches rather than just a set of two “coilovers” up front with an adjustable spring/performance shock in the rear, meaning the E60 will really benefit from a brand new set of shocks and springs to replace the worn out OEM units – and that’s even before you factor in the added performance benefits of better performing components.


Here’s how it looked with the stock BMW E60 brakes still in place after installing the coilovers.


The stock rotor showed a good bit of wear and the pads were at the end of their lifespan.

That’s why Alan recommended replacing the worn out stock brakes with a StopTech Stage II Brake Package for BMW E60 5-series, with cross drilled rotors, performance pads and fresh brake fluid.

The StopTech Brake Rotors we installed are also a handsome upgrade visually speaking as well, the black hats and cross-drilling also creates a sportier appearance.


With the coilovers and new brakes installed, the aging E60 looks a few years younger mechanically speaking.


Here’s a look at the rear brakes installed.

BMW_E60_525i_ST_Coilovers-16 With the brakes refreshed and coilovers installed and adjusted, it was time to take the E60 outside and get a look at the finished product.


The higher spec wheels look great when paired with a drop, and the refreshed suspension and brakes means that this older 5 will once again perform like “the Ultimate Driving Machine”.


This car’s a great example of the OEM+ aesthetic with better-looking OEM wheels paired with lowered suspension components and brakes to give this 5 a fresh lease on life.


If you’re still driving around at factory ride height, consider lowering your suspension – a lower slung look enhances your aesthetics and lowers your 5-series’ of gravity, making any set of wheels look better and even otherwise stock vehicles look sharper.

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Story Nicholas Gregson