Ranked among one of the best looking sedans ever designed, the E39 BMW 5-series looks as good today as it did in 1999.


This clean E39 BMW 540i came into the shop a few months back to have the E39 Suspension fitted with a set of Bilstein coilovers to compliment the car’s already handsome looks.

bmw-e39-540i-msport-bilstein-pss-coilovers-dinan-exhaust-intake-more-28 The 5-Series is one of the few cars out there where you can do a true coilover both front and rear with the factory suspension the E39 Suspension with a set of coilovers allows us the fine control we want over the ride height to create exactly the look we are after.

Under the hood that twin dual cam BMW V8 is fed more efficiently than stock with a Dinan Free Flow Air Intake for BMW E39 540i.


The Dinan intake offers a more responsive variant of the OEM BMW E39 intake while maintaining OEM function and warranty, offering a rare blend of performance and peace of mind.

A set of tasteful carbon fiber eyelids also gives the headlamps a much more aggressive appearance, lending to the sporty-yet-not-M5 At the rear of the car, the quiet OEM E39 exhaust has been replaced with a throaty and authoritative Dinan Exhaust for BMW E39 54oi to give the car the signature muscle sound you’d expect of a


bmw-e39-540i-msport-bilstein-pss-coilovers-dinan-exhaust-intake-more-41Though it is showing its age, the DINAN etched tip still shines up nicely.




On the inside, the interior is still in great shape, with all the beige leather and woodgrain in flawless condition.
bmw-e39-540i-msport-bilstein-pss-coilovers-dinan-exhaust-intake-more-4 A few small details throughout add an extra touch to the car, like this carbon fiber BMW roundel With the ride height dialed in on coilovers, the stance on this E39 is unreal, especially with the car’s clean black finish cars are a real pain in the butt to keep clean, but when they’re clean, damn do they look good.
bmw-e39-540i-msport-bilstein-pss-coilovers-dinan-exhaust-intake-more-8 From the side straight on, you can see how we’ve brought the car down but still kept it even front to rear.
bmw-e39-540i-msport-bilstein-pss-coilovers-dinan-exhaust-intake-more-10 Lowering the E39 really makes all the difference, giving the car the look it was always supposed to have.
bmw-e39-540i-msport-bilstein-pss-coilovers-dinan-exhaust-intake-more-14 Enjoy the rest of this gratuitous photo gallery below and get your fill of this Dinan-modded five.
bmw-e39-540i-msport-bilstein-pss-coilovers-dinan-exhaust-intake-more-17 bmw-e39-540i-msport-bilstein-pss-coilovers-dinan-exhaust-intake-more-18
bmw-e39-540i-msport-bilstein-pss-coilovers-dinan-exhaust-intake-more-20 bmw-e39-540i-msport-bilstein-pss-coilovers-dinan-exhaust-intake-more-21

bmw-e39-540i-msport-bilstein-pss-coilovers-dinan-exhaust-intake-more-57 bmw-e39-540i-msport-bilstein-pss-coilovers-dinan-exhaust-intake-more-58

Thanks for joining us and we hope you enjoyed the photos of this gorgeous example of the E39 bodystyle. See you next time!

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Story & Photos Nicholas Gregson