Corvette C6 Forgestar CF10 19x95 19x12 Bronze-2

It’s a tragedy – most of the time when you see a C6 Corvette on a set of aftermarket wheels out on the streets, their typical choice of wheels tend to be a bit, well, boring – chrome or some other cheesy wheel straight out of the 1976  JC Whitney catalog. And well, given the lines of the C6, that’s a shame because cheesy retro wheels don’t really suit the car. We find that many ‘Vette owners, in their quest for great looking Corvette wheels end up find their way to the Mod Experts at ModBargains.

Corvette C6 Forgestar CF10 19x95 19x12 Bronze-6


Sr Mod Expert Elliott Goodman has been in the modding game for quite some time and has just as much experience with wheel fitments for domestic performance cars as he does with european marques – which led Kevin K, owner of the C6 Corvette you see here to reach out to Elliott.

Looking for something a bit different than what everyone else had, Kevin wanted something that would suit the stealthy black look he had going on with the car. Kevin was going to need something custom, bespoke to best suit the C6 – especially for the plans he had in mind.
Corvette C6 Forgestar CF10 19x95 19x12 Bronze-5Kevin’s C6 started life as a “base” Corvette (which is nothing to sneeze at either), and like a Porsche 911, the “base” car is narrower than the extreme performance models. Corvettes look best with pronounced curves – so Kevin’s freshly installed set of blistered Z06 Rear Fenders gives this black beauty some badonkadonk.
Corvette C6 Forgestar CF10 19x95 19x12 Bronze-4

Elliott set Kevin up with a custom set of Forgestar Wheels, a set of CF10 Wheels for Corvette powdercoated in bright Bronze Burst, spec’d at 19×9.5 up front with 19×12 in the rear. Corvette C6 Forgestar CF10 19x95 19x12 Bronze-3 Completing the set of wheels for C6 Corvette is a set of super sticky Nitto Invo Tires to help keep all that LSx Muscle routed to the ground.Corvette C6 Forgestar CF10 19x95 19x12 Bronze-1

We hope you enjoyed the photo gallery – if you’re looking for a set of Wheels for your C6 Corvette, check out our selection at or give our Mod Experts like Elliott a call at 714-582-3330 (x8009 for Elliott). Need something installed on your ‘Vette at a shop you can trust? Look no further than our state of the art installation shop in SoCal, ModAuto, located in sunny La Habra, CA on Lambert Rd at Harbor Blvd and let us show you our Experience, Expertise and Enthusiasm firsthand.

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Story & Photo Editing by Nick Gregson
Original Photos Courtesy Kevin K