Today we had the privelidge on wrenching on this fresh-from-the-dealer 2014 Chevrolet Camaro. The latest generation of GM’s Zeta Camaro platform looks fantastically sexy draped in black with white rally stripes, and this particular model boasts an extra appearance package to give it the heat extraction hood of the ZL1 and a set of bitchin quad Camaro Exhaust. Daniel G, the owner of this car wanted to lower the car and give it a better aesthetic than stock, but didn’t want to ruin the ride quality of the Camaro Suspension. Senior Mod Expert Alan Wei suggested that he opt to put his Camaro on BC Coilovers to accomplish the drop he wanted, and MGP Caliper Covers for Camaro SS to give the car a bit more of a visual accent.


The car needed a little extra “zing” to make the car pop, and a set of MGP Caliper Covers for Camaro SS dresses up the bland-but-potent gray Brembo Camaro Brakes, also helping to minimize the amount of wheel dust as well.chevrolet-camaro-ss-2014-black-on-bc-coilovers-mgp-caliper-covers-003 chevrolet-camaro-ss-2014-black-on-bc-coilovers-mgp-caliper-covers-004

Then there was the matter of stance and handling. Having driven a 2010 Camaro SS to its limits and discovered the boundaries of the Zeta’s stock suspension, a set of BC Coilovers for Chevrolet Camaro gave the car a tasteful drop while also improving the handling – the owner tells us that with his Camaro on BC Coilovers, the car actually rides better than stock.chevrolet-camaro-ss-2014-black-on-bc-coilovers-mgp-caliper-covers-005 chevrolet-camaro-ss-2014-black-on-bc-coilovers-mgp-caliper-covers-007
The drop was just the thing this car needed to be visually perfect.chevrolet-camaro-ss-2014-black-on-bc-coilovers-mgp-caliper-covers-008 chevrolet-camaro-ss-2014-black-on-bc-coilovers-mgp-caliper-covers-009 chevrolet-camaro-ss-2014-black-on-bc-coilovers-mgp-caliper-covers-011
From the side straight on, the drop is definitely perceptible, and it’s worth noting that this owner also wanted the car set lower than stock, but not so low that the car was slammed- getting the benefit of the looks and full performance of the BC Coilover for Camaro by leaving the shock with its full range of travel to better soak up the bumps of SoCal’s imperfect roads.chevrolet-camaro-ss-2014-black-on-bc-coilovers-mgp-caliper-covers-012 chevrolet-camaro-ss-2014-black-on-bc-coilovers-mgp-caliper-covers-013 chevrolet-camaro-ss-2014-black-on-bc-coilovers-mgp-caliper-covers-015 chevrolet-camaro-ss-2014-black-on-bc-coilovers-mgp-caliper-covers-023A big thank you to Daniel G, the owner of this beautiful black ponycar, and shoutout to Senior Mod Expert Alan Wei for suggesting that the owner put his Camaro on BC Coilovers to achieve the drop he was after without sacrificing his ride quality.

Interested in getting a set of BC Racing Coilovers for your Chevrolet Camaro?  Give the Mod Experts at ModBargains a call at 714-582-3330, dial x8006 for Alan.

Story & Photos by Nick Gregson

UPDATE! Click here to see Daniel G’s Camaro SS on a new set of Niche Wheels.