One of the things that not everyone knows about the Mod Experts is that we’ve got quite a bit of trackday experience under our belts here, having competed at Infineon, Buttonwillow, Laguna Seca, Chuckwalla and many more of the finest tracks in the USA, so he’s often our go-to guy when someone is looking for a trackday-duty set of wheels and tires.

This customer has a Chevrolet Camaro SS, one of the gnarliest cars to ever roll out of General Motors – unlike the old F-Body, the zeta platform is as capable in the corners as it is in the straights, and this particular Camaro was destined for the famed VIR – Virginia International Raceway.
Forgestar-CF5V-19x11-Silver-BC-Coilovers-Camaro-ZL1-Hankook-RS3-305-img (1)When it comes to picking the right set of wheels for Gen 5 Camaro, the type of wheels you want will depend on what you want to do with the car – depending on whether you want to show/street cruise the car, drag race the car or road race the car, you’d need three very different types of wheels.

Since this car’s going Road Racing at VIR, the Mod Experts recommended that they opt for a wheel with a higher load rating, so he suggested a set of Forgestar CF5V Wheels for Camaro, spec’d at 19×11 for all four corners. The flow form Forgestar Wheels are strong enough to withstand the abuse trackdays dish out and their lightweight construction contributes to better handling.Forgestar-CF5V-19x11-Silver-BC-Coilovers-Camaro-ZL1-Hankook-RS3-305-img

Of course, wheels are useless if your tires suck. That’s why the Mod Experts set up the Camaro with a set of super sticky Hankook RS3 Tires in a whopping 305/30-19 at each corner. This thing’s going to have enough mechanical grip to spin the friggin planet the other direction.

Forgestar-CF5V-19x11-Silver-BC-Coilovers-Camaro-ZL1-Hankook-RS3-305-img (2) The Forgestar CF5V‘s do a great job of showcasing the massive OEM Brembo Brakes fitted to the Camaro, belying its true nature as a road racing monster. When a car has brakes wearing “BREMBO BRAKES” markings as factory equipment, you know that car means BUSINESS.Forgestar-CF5V-19x11-Silver-BC-Coilovers-Camaro-ZL1-Hankook-RS3-305-img (3) Forgestar-CF5V-19x11-Silver-BC-Coilovers-Camaro-ZL1-Hankook-RS3-305-img (4) Forgestar-CF5V-19x11-Silver-BC-Coilovers-Camaro-ZL1-Hankook-RS3-305-img (5)

You may have noticed the 4×4 stance in the photo, and that’s for good reason. VIR has a lot of elevation change, so additional clearance and suspension travel is a great idea. The owner was able to pull off this setup because the OEM suspension has been replaced with a set of BC Racing Coilovers for Camaro – yup, BC Coilovers are good for more than just street use.

Forgestar-CF5V-19x11-Silver-BC-Coilovers-Camaro-ZL1-Hankook-RS3-305-img (6) The 30-way adjustment of the Camaro BC Racing Coilovers allows this driver to tailor the handling behavior of his Camaro Suspension to suit the track.Forgestar-CF5V-19x11-Silver-BC-Coilovers-Camaro-ZL1-Hankook-RS3-305-img (7) Forgestar-CF5V-19x11-Silver-BC-Coilovers-Camaro-ZL1-Hankook-RS3-305-img (8) The SS3 rear fascia is the best looking rear end treatment for any Gen 5/Gen 5.5 Camaro, but then again that’s just our opinion.Forgestar-CF5V-19x11-Silver-BC-Coilovers-Camaro-ZL1-Hankook-RS3-305-img (9) Forgestar-CF5V-19x11-Silver-BC-Coilovers-Camaro-ZL1-Hankook-RS3-305-img (10)

Having driven the Zeta Camaro SS at speed on Hwy 1 between Big Sur and San Luis Obispo in CA, I can attest to how much potential the car has to handle – as well as how much it’s held back by the OEM suspension – check out how little roll there is relative to stock on the BC coilovers.

Forgestar-CF5V-19x11-Silver-BC-Coilovers-Camaro-ZL1-Hankook-RS3-305-img (12)

H/T to the Mod Experts for getting this Camaro dialed in, and thanks to the owner for choosing ModBargains as his wheel and tire source.

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Story & Photo Editing Nick Gregson
Original Photos Courtesy Owner