This Chevrolet C6 Corvette Z06 came in the other day to get a few aesthetic upgrades installed by our professional installation techs here at ModAuto. The Mod Experts set this one up, being no stranger to working with Vettes or domestic muscle. We have to say, we haven’t seen much out there in terms of aesthetic upgrades for C5/C6 Corvettes beyond some really terrible rebodies, so seeing these Carbon Fiber pieces for the C6 was pretty cool. In our opinion, the plastic lower trim on the Vette has always cheapened its looks, so a few Corvette Exterior upgrades were definitely a much needed piece.

Corvette_C6_C7Carbon_CF_Splitter_Diffuser_Spoiler-1Here’s one last look at the stock rear end of the Vette.
Corvette_C6_C7Carbon_CF_Splitter_Diffuser_Spoiler-4 This is the Carbon Fiber Front Lip for C6 Corvettes we’re installing. Pre-drilled holes for mounting the splitter, designed to use the existing holes in the bumper always makes installation much easier. This new splitter is more aggressive than the factory piece and extends further forward for both a better look and greater aerodynamic effect.Corvette_C6_C7Carbon_CF_Splitter_Diffuser_Spoiler-5 The plane of this front splitter also retains the cutouts for channeling air, so there’s no loss of functionality.Corvette_C6_C7Carbon_CF_Splitter_Diffuser_Spoiler-6Here’s Dave removing the stock front splitter.
Corvette_C6_C7Carbon_CF_Splitter_Diffuser_Spoiler-7 And here we are in the process of installing the new one. Dave made quick work of the install.

Before we could say Bob’s Your Uncle, the ModAuto install team was done and the car was outside.Corvette_C6_C7Carbon_CF_Splitter_Diffuser_Spoiler-9 The rear profile is a lot more intimidating now, with the ducktail effect of the Carbon Fiber Rear Spoiler for C6 Corvette mounted as well as a Carbon Fiber Rear Diffuser.


The contours of the rear spoiler work well with the body lines of the C6.Corvette_C6_C7Carbon_CF_Splitter_Diffuser_Spoiler-10 The new rear diffuser piece not only is a huge aesthetic upgrade, but also adds a greater degree of aggression with pronounced fins integrated into its design.Corvette_C6_C7Carbon_CF_Splitter_Diffuser_Spoiler-11 Corvette_C6_C7Carbon_CF_Splitter_Diffuser_Spoiler-12 The Carbon Fiber gives the C6 a more upscale look than it had from the factory.Corvette_C6_C7Carbon_CF_Splitter_Diffuser_Spoiler-14 Now let’s take a look at that Carbon Fiber Front Splitter.Corvette_C6_C7Carbon_CF_Splitter_Diffuser_Spoiler-15

The shape of the splitter works brilliantly with the nose of the C6, giving the car the motorsport-ready look it deserves.


Corvette_C6_C7Carbon_CF_Splitter_Diffuser_Spoiler-16The front profile is a lot more intimidating and evokes the look of C6 Corvette LeMans race cars.
Corvette_C6_C7Carbon_CF_Splitter_Diffuser_Spoiler-20We have to say, we were really surprised how big of a difference these seemingly small pieces made in the appearance of the C6 Corvette – it just goes to show that a few simple exterior mods can transform the look of your car.

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Thanks for joining us, we’ll see you next time!

Story & Photos Nick Gregson