When we say we love Clownshoes, we ain’t talking no Ronald McDonald. Thanks to the distinctive proportions and Chris Bangle’s distinctive Flame Surfacing and contours, the BMW Z3M and Z4M are lovingly called “Clownshoes” by many BMW enthusiasts, and after looking at one, it’s easy to see how they got the nickname. Surprisingly, the suspension was one of the weaker points of the earlier Z3, and so upgrading the suspension is almost a must to get the most out of any of the late model BMW roadsters. Such is the case with this handsome BMW Z4M Coupe, which came in today to be fitted with a distinctive set of BC Racing Coilovers for BMW Z4M, and ‘setting off’ the look created by the new coilovers is a fresh set of VMR Wheels V703s for Z4. Mod Expert Elliott set up this customer with a set of custom V703s, powdercoated in Bronze Burst to give the car a unique look.

VMR_V703_Bronze_18x85-18x95_E85_Z4_M_Coupe_BC_Coilovers_-13 VMR_V703_Bronze_18x85-18x95_E85_Z4_M_Coupe_BC_Coilovers_-12 VMR_V703_Bronze_18x85-18x95_E85_Z4_M_Coupe_BC_Coilovers_-11 VMR_V703_Bronze_18x85-18x95_E85_Z4_M_Coupe_BC_Coilovers_-9 VMR_V703_Bronze_18x85-18x95_E85_Z4_M_Coupe_BC_Coilovers_-8 VMR_V703_Bronze_18x85-18x95_E85_Z4_M_Coupe_BC_Coilovers_-10 VMR_V703_Bronze_18x85-18x95_E85_Z4_M_Coupe_BC_Coilovers_-1
The BC Racing BR Series coilovers for BMW Z4 are a complete replacement of the stock suspension, including sway bar endlinks as well as the coilovers themselves – and BC Racing Coilovers are fully adjustable, offering 30-way adjustment.


With the coilovers installed, we had to take this Z4M Coupe out into the sun for some photos to capture the unique color of the VMR Wheels V703s in Bronze Burst.VMR_V703_Bronze_18x85-18x95_E85_Z4_M_Coupe_BC_Coilovers_-29 VMR_V703_Bronze_18x85-18x95_E85_Z4_M_Coupe_BC_Coilovers_-28 VMR_V703_Bronze_18x85-18x95_E85_Z4_M_Coupe_BC_Coilovers_-27 VMR_V703_Bronze_18x85-18x95_E85_Z4_M_Coupe_BC_Coilovers_-26 VMR_V703_Bronze_18x85-18x95_E85_Z4_M_Coupe_BC_Coilovers_-25 VMR_V703_Bronze_18x85-18x95_E85_Z4_M_Coupe_BC_Coilovers_-23 VMR_V703_Bronze_18x85-18x95_E85_Z4_M_Coupe_BC_Coilovers_-21 VMR_V703_Bronze_18x85-18x95_E85_Z4_M_Coupe_BC_Coilovers_-16 VMR_V703_Bronze_18x85-18x95_E85_Z4_M_Coupe_BC_Coilovers_-15 VMR_V703_Bronze_18x85-18x95_E85_Z4_M_Coupe_BC_Coilovers_-19 VMR_V703_Bronze_18x85-18x95_E85_Z4_M_Coupe_BC_Coilovers_-17

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Story & Photos Nick Gregson