BMW_F32_435i_MPerformance_CF_Lip_Spoiler_Niche_Wheels_20in_245-35-275-30_-1The other day Mohammad O brought his BMW F32 435i M-Sport into the shop for its latest round of mods with Sr Mod Expert Alan Wei. Already rolling on a set of Niche Targa (M130) Wheels for BMW in need of some visual flair – some Carbon Fiber Exterior Upgrades for BMW F32 were in order to make this coupe bit more unique. BMW_F32_435i_MPerformance_CF_Lip_Spoiler_Niche_Wheels_20in_245-35-275-30_-17

We had already installed a Performance Style Carbon Fiber Trunk Spoiler for BMW F32 4-Series, but the back end still needed more attention to look its best. The OEM M-Sport style rear diffuser panel was a little plain for the look Mohammed was aiming for.BMW_F32_435i_MPerformance_CF_Lip_Spoiler_Niche_Wheels_20in_245-35-275-30_-8

Up front, to make the M-Sport front bumper “pop” a bit more, we installed a Carbon Fiber Performance Style Front Lip for BMW F32 4-Series M-Sport, which extends the front end and compliments the existing M-Sport styling for a more aggressive aesthetic.BMW_F32_435i_MPerformance_CF_Lip_Spoiler_Niche_Wheels_20in_245-35-275-30_-11

Here’s a few different angles so you can get a feel for the contours. We also noticed a set of Gloss Black BMW Performance Kidney Grilles for F32 were already installed.


After we installed the Carbon Fiber Front Splitter for F32, we took the opportunity to better capture the Performance Style Carbon Fiber Trunk Spoiler for BMW F32 4-Series.BMW_F32_435i_MPerformance_CF_Lip_Spoiler_Niche_Wheels_20in_245-35-275-30_-16


Next up, we removed the M-Sport style rear diffuser panel and replaced it with a Performance Style Rear Diffuser for BMW F32 435i M-Sport.BMW_F32_435i_MPerformance_CF_Lip_Spoiler_Niche_Wheels_20in_245-35-275-30_-20The Performance Style rear diffuser panel definitely increases the aggression factor of the F32.
BMW_F32_435i_MPerformance_CF_Lip_Spoiler_Niche_Wheels_20in_245-35-275-30_-25 BMW_F32_435i_MPerformance_CF_Lip_Spoiler_Niche_Wheels_20in_245-35-275-30_-26

The contours of the Performance style diffuser are much more interesting to look at than the standard M-sport rear panel is.BMW_F32_435i_MPerformance_CF_Lip_Spoiler_Niche_Wheels_20in_245-35-275-30_-22

All the exterior mods work together to create a cohesive theme – the dark wheels tie into the diffuser, and the trunk spoiler ties into the aesthetic of the front splitter.


Interested in getting your BMW F32 4-Series looking this mean? Talk to our Mod Experts like Alan, give us a call at 714-582-3330 (x8006 for Alan), chat live on or just stop by the ModAuto showroom in La Habra, CA any day during business hours to see what we can do for your ride.

Thanks for reading, and we’ll see you next time!

Story & Photos Nick Gregson