One of our newest Mod Experts Jake recently worked with this customer to help put the finishing touch on this customer’s M4-inspired F33 428i Convertible- up front the OEM M-Sport front bumper looks the part with the custom kidney grilles, but single-exit exhaust really killed the character of the tail of the car.



The custom double kidneys are a fantastic touch.IMG_1449






Like we said, the OEM single exit exhaust really lets the car down – so let’s go ahead and fix that.




Removing the OEM axle-back F32 exhaust was no big deal, and with the diffuser off, it was a snap to mount the new Remus Quad Exhaust for BMW 428i into place.IMG_1526-(2)



The Remus Exhaust Quad Exhaust system for the 428i is only available with polished quad tips, but they look fantastic, so who cares?




Using a special template from Remus, Mod Auto’s professional installers neatly made a cutout exactly the right shape and spot for the quad exhaust setup.IMG_1526-(2)




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Story & Photos by Nicholas Gregson

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