BMW_F32_418i_VMR_V810_HR_Springs (1) The BMW 4-Series coupe is a great looking car, but in 428i trim, a few of the details keep the car from looking its best. Fortunately Mod Expert Blake Brunner was able to set this owner up with a F32 suspension and wheel and tire package to get this F32 4-series looking the way it should.

BMW_F32_428i_VMR_V810_HR_Springs (3)

The BMW F428i was already an M-Sport, as it came in wearing an M-Sport Front Bumper, M-Sport Side Skirts and M-Sport Rear Bumper for BMW F32, but the ride height was still a bit tall.

BMW_F32_418i_VMR_V810_HR_Springs (5)

A set of H&R Sport Springs for BMW F32 was just what we needed to eliminate what wheelgap the M-Sport suspension didn’t already get rid of, bringing the car down .60” up front and .50” in the rear.

BMW_F32_428i_VMR_V810_HR_Springs (7)While we were up close and personal at the fender arches, a few other small details that had already been done to clean up this 4’s aesthetics had already been handled, like a set of Painted Front Reflectors for BMW F32 and a Gloss Black Fender Trim for BMW F32 offers a nice subtle accent to give the 4 a little extra flair.

BMW_F32_428i_VMR_V810_HR_Springs (6)The rear springs were a breeze for the experienced install techs at ModAuto to get fitted quickly and correctly.
BMW_F32_428i_VMR_V810_HR_Springs (8)

To compliment the additional drop in the F30 suspension, new rolling stock was in order to replace the original wheels for BMW F30. Mod Expert Blake recommended a set of VMR Wheels‘ new V810 for BMW F32 in 19×8.5 ET35 / 19×9.5 ET40 with some sticky Hankook Ventus V12 Evo2 Tires in 235/35-19 / 265/30-19 to help keep the 4-series planted in the corners.

BMW_F32_418i_VMR_V810_HR_Springs (20) A few other details dress up the F32 exterior, like the Carbon Fiber Mirror Covers for 4-Series.BMW_F32_418i_VMR_V810_HR_Springs (21) BMW_F32_418i_VMR_V810_HR_Springs (22) Here’s a closer look at those Painted Reflectors for BMW F32. These just snap in and get rid of those ugly amber blobs in your car’s cheeks once and for all.BMW_F32_418i_VMR_V810_HR_Springs (25)

Tying together the black accents created by the F32 Fender trim is a set of Dual Slat Kidney Grilles for BMW F32, keeping the theme going.BMW_F32_418i_VMR_V810_HR_Springs (24)

With the car back on the ground, now we could step back and see how the overall package had come together.BMW_F32_428i_VMR_V810_HR_Springs (9) BMW_F32_428i_VMR_V810_HR_Springs (11) BMW_F32_428i_VMR_V810_HR_Springs (12) BMW_F32_428i_VMR_V810_HR_Springs (14) BMW_F32_428i_VMR_V810_HR_Springs (15) BMW_F32_428i_VMR_V810_HR_Springs (17)

BMW_F32_428i_VMR_V810_HR_Springs (26)

Want to get your BMW looking as sharp as this blue Bimmer? Talk to the Mod Experts like Blake – give us a call at 714-582-3330 (x8011 for Blake or email ) or any of our other Experts can recommend mods for your car that suit your style, taste and budget. Chat live at or if you’re in SoCal, stop by theModAuto showroom any Monday-Saturday between 8am and 5pm and see us in person.

VMR V810 Wheels for Audi 19×8.5 ET35  19×9.5 ET40
Hankook Ventus V12 Evo2 Tires 235/35-19 / 265/30-19
H&R Sport Springs for BMW F32 4-Series (RWD)

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Story & Photos Nick Gregson