One of the easiest ways to significantly alter the character of your car is to replace your exhaust system – and that’s exactly what we did for this F30 BMW 328i. To give this car more character, we’re replacing the F30 328i Exhaust with a new Sport system from Remus Exhaust.
We’ve fitted this car with a Remus Quad Exhaust for BMW F30 328i. This non-M Sport car has been debadged as well, so the quad black chrome tips have a really clean look.The Remus Exhaust for F30 328i is available with the option for either Chrome or Black Chrome tips, and in this case the black chrome tips look quite sharp.

Just an exhaust system can have a huge impact on the look and performance of your car, so why stay boring and stock? Need ideas? Check out our guide to the Best Mods for the BMW F30 328i here.

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Story & Photos Nick Gregson