BMW_E91-_328i_Touring_ST_Coilovers-1 Here at ModBargains  – and our install shop, ModAuto, I seldom actually interact with sales or get the chance to interact with a customer directly, but recently I spoke to an E91 BMW 328i Touring owner and enthusiast to offer some input as to what sort of lowering options were available for his BMW E91 Suspension. Sr Mod Expert Alan Wei helped us out with getting the install scheduled after we’d figured out what sort of suspension options would work for the E91.BMW_E91-_328i_Touring_ST_Coilovers-3I have to tell you, I’m a bit of a long-roof lover myself, so I have a soft spot for BMW touring models like this – the owner of this 328i Touring is an enthusiast as well, having only picked up the car just a couple weeks ago, and he’s already installed Matte Black Kidney Grilles for BMW E90 and blacked out the tail lights to give the car a more aggressive look.

After some discussion, I told him about ST Suspension Coilovers – I rock a set in my daily driver Fiesta ST and am a firm believer in the quality and performance of these coilovers, especially after putting them through a year’s worth of my extra-punishing driving habits.
BMW_E91-_328i_Touring_ST_Coilovers-4 A set of ST Suspensions XA Coilovers for BMW E91 was what I suggested, which would give him the drop he wanted without ruining the ride quality.BMW_E91-_328i_Touring_ST_Coilovers-5 The ST Suspension coilovers have a galvanized outer coating, which is fine for dry places like SoCal or desert states, but if you live somewhere snowy, you’ll want to either coat these with something or consider stepping up to the Stainless finished KW coilovers.BMW_E91-_328i_Touring_ST_Coilovers-6Here’s how the front coilover looked installed into the front suspension.
The rear replaces the OEM shock with a performance one and the rear spring with an adjustable spring.

After getting everything all put back together, we couldn’t wait to get it back on the ground to see how it looked.

BMW_E91-_328i_Touring_ST_Coilovers-14 The ST Coilovers for E91 give the car an amazing stance – the longroof of the touring models looks bloody incredible once you lower it.BMW_E91-_328i_Touring_ST_Coilovers-15 Here’s a straight on shot to give you a better look at the drop.BMW_E91-_328i_Touring_ST_Coilovers-17 Wheelgap has been basically eliminated but there’s just enough clearance to allow for worry free daily driving on the crappily maintained roads of Southern California.BMW_E91-_328i_Touring_ST_Coilovers-18 From this angle it really looks great. I have to say, it was rather nice to talk to some of you guys first hand (and thanks to Alan for helping with the process) and great to see it all come together in the install bay a week later.BMW_E91-_328i_Touring_ST_Coilovers-19


Before sending it home, we grabbed one more high angle shot to appreciate the longroof goodness and that massive glass roof. A special thanks to this E91 enthusiast for trusting us for his parts and install and for letting us share these photos with you, and we hope you love the look as much as we did.

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Story & Photos Nicholas Gregson