BMW_E82_135i_BC_Coilovers_VMR_VB3_CFDiffuser-1A few weeks back, Joe D reached out to Mod Expert Blake to see about lowering Joe’s E82 BMW 135i. Given the 1-series position as the “entry level” BMW,  a performance E82 Suspension upgrade that didn’t break the bank was going to be ideal.


VMR VB3 / V703 wheels 18×8.5 ET40 / 18×9.5 ET45

Joe’s E82 was already rolling on a set of Gunmetal VMR VB3 / V703 wheels for BMW, but like any car, it needed a drop to look its best. So to give the suspension the drop it needed, Blake recommended Joe go with a set of BC Coilovers for BMW E82.
BMW_E82_135i_BC_Coilovers_VMR_VB3_CFDiffuser-2 Featuring 30-way adjustment, BC Coilovers for BMW E82 offer a lot of bang for the buck, and tipping the scales at just a grand (as of press time), it’s impossible to find a comparable quality coilover in the same price bracket.BMW_E82_135i_BC_Coilovers_VMR_VB3_CFDiffuser-3With quad tips peeking out from under the Carbon Fiber Performance Style Rear Diffuser for BMW E82, Joe’s custom-fabbed E82 Exhaust sounds as good as it looks – and from this angle you can just barely make out the BC Coilover on each side of the rear suspension.
BMW_E82_135i_BC_Coilovers_VMR_VB3_CFDiffuser-5 To allow better clearance for the VMR VB3 / V703 wheels, Tech Bryan puts our Fender Rolling Tool to work– we plan to offer fender rolling service in the very near future.BMW_E82_135i_BC_Coilovers_VMR_VB3_CFDiffuser-6 After rolling the fenders and setting the ride height, all that was left was to take the 1 outside for a few photos.BMW_E82_135i_BC_Coilovers_VMR_VB3_CFDiffuser-7

VMR VB3 / V703 wheels 18×8.5 ET40 / 18×9.5 ET45 on BC Coilovers for BMW E82

The roll looks great and the gunmetal finish of the VMR VB3 wheels offers a great contrast to the white paint.


VMR VB3 / V703 wheels 18×8.5 ET40 / 18×9.5 ET45 on BC Coilovers for BMW E82

The stance sitting on the BC coilovers is just right, levelling the car even front to rear.

VMR VB3 / V703 wheels 18×8.5 ET40 / 18×9.5 ET45 on BC Coilovers for BMW E82

Here’s another view.


VMR VB3 / V703 wheels 18×8.5 ET40 / 18×9.5 ET45 on BC Coilovers for BMW E82

All told, Joe’s building a potent and rather clean E82 BMW 1-series, and we can’t wait to see what his next upgrade is.

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Story & Photos Nick Gregson