The E46 BMW M3 is a hell of a potent sports car, but the factory ride height is a bit high and the settings aren’t exactly everyone’s cup of tea – which is why when Jose G started looking around for a set of coilovers for his BMW E46 M3 suspension, Mod Expert Blake knew just what to suggest.

BMW_E46_m3_BC_Coilovers_SportlineCS16_Megan_Exh_Blake_HALOS-9 (28)

Blake set Jose up with a set of BC BR Series Coilovers for BMW E46 M3, which feature 30 way adjustments and at just a stack of 10 benjamins, they’re an excellent value.

BMW_E46_m3_BC_Coilovers_SportlineCS16_Megan_Exh_Blake_HALOS-9 (1)Here’s how the BC Coilovers look installed.

With the car in the air, we couldn’t help but notice the E46 M3 Exhaust wasn’t stock – instead a rather handsome Megan Racing Axle-Back Exhaust for E46 M3 occupies that space, adding a bespoke look to the rear of the car as well as its undercarriage.BMW_E46_m3_BC_Coilovers_SportlineCS16_AngelEye_Megan_Exh_Blake_-15The Megan Racing exhaust for E46 M3 also features burnt titanium look tips for a sleek look.
But that wasn’t the only mod we spotted.
BMW_E46_m3_BC_Coilovers_SportlineCS16_AngelEye_Megan_Exh_Blake_-28 Up front, a carbon fiber intake scoop routes fresh air into a Dinan Intake.BMW_E46_m3_BC_Coilovers_SportlineCS16_AngelEye_Megan_Exh_Blake_-30 Giving the E46 M3 Lighting a bit more visual interest are a set of 66-SMD LED Angel Eyes for BMW E46 M3, which offer a bright, clean halo without the lack of reliability that plagues CCFL halos.BMW_E46_m3_BC_Coilovers_SportlineCS16_AngelEye_Megan_Exh_Blake_-32 Here’s another shot of the SMD Halos for BMW E46.
BMW_E46_m3_BC_Coilovers_SportlineCS16_Megan_Exh_Blake_HALOS-9 (7)

After we installed the BC BR Series Coilovers for BMW E46 M3, we took the car for a spin around the block to ensure everything was installed/assembled correctly. And as you can tell, we also fitted a set of Sportline CS16 wheels.BMW_E46_m3_BC_Coilovers_SportlineCS16_Megan_Exh_Blake_HALOS-9 (9)Everything checked out, so all that was left to do was step back and admire our handiwork.
The BC BR Series Coilovers for BMW E46 M3 drop the ride height just enough without slamming the hell out of the car, an ideal setup for a street driven E46.

BMW_E46_m3_BC_Coilovers_SportlineCS16_Megan_Exh_Blake_HALOS-9 (12)
BMW_E46_m3_BC_Coilovers_SportlineCS16_Megan_Exh_Blake_HALOS-9 (16)BMW_E46_m3_BC_Coilovers_SportlineCS16_Megan_Exh_Blake_HALOS-9 (21)BMW_E46_m3_BC_Coilovers_SportlineCS16_Megan_Exh_Blake_HALOS-9 (24)BMW_E46_m3_BC_Coilovers_SportlineCS16_Megan_Exh_Blake_HALOS-9 (27)

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Story & Photos: Nick Gregson