A while back, we showed you this E91 BMW 328i xdrive Touring Wagon when we fitted it with ST Suspension XA Coilovers for BMW E91. When you lower a car, it’s a good practice to have the car aligned not long after you have lowered it to get the best performance and life out of your tires. Typically you want to wait a week or so, but it’s been a bit longer than that since we’ve seen this car, and man what a little time can do, which is what brings this E91 back in to see Sr Mod Expert Alan.


As we mentioned already, the car is sitting low on ST Suspension Coilovers, eliminating the excessive wheelgap from the E91 328i xDrive suspension.

BMW_E91_328i_666_ST_Coilovers_Blackout (2)

1M Front Bumper for BMW E90 with Carbon Fiber Front Splitter on ST Coilovers

The BMW E91 Exterior is dramatically different, the front bumper having been replaced with a 1M Style Front Bumper for BMW E90 3-Series paired with a custom carbon fiber front lip. The narrower front bumper and custom nature of the 1M style nose means a direct fit splitter is nearly impossible to find, so some work definitely went into making this look that good.

BMW_E91_328i_666_ST_Coilovers_Blackout (23)

Check  that custom badging.

BMW_E91_328i_666_ST_Coilovers_Blackout (3)

1M Front Bumper for BMW E90 with Carbon Fiber Front Splitter on ST Coilovers

With a lowered car, most alignment shops would either refuse the job, or upcharge you up the yinyang “because it’s a lowered vehicle”, not to mention probably break off any sort of front splitter, if they can even get it onto their rack.

BMW_E91_328i_666_ST_Coilovers_Blackout (5)

1M Front Bumper for BMW E90 with Carbon Fiber Front Splitter on ST Coilovers

Our state of the art Hunter Alignment Rack is perfectly flush with the floor, so even the pavement scrapingest static-low guy can get aligned here.
BMW_E91_328i_666_ST_Coilovers_Blackout (4)

Here’s what we mean about ground clearance. Even with the 1M bumper, which is already low, with a carbon lip lowering the front profile further, on a lowered car, all still clears the rack. In this shot Dave carefully guides the car onto the lift, ensuring everything clears as we pull the car in.

BMW_E91_328i_666_Blackout (1)

E91 328xi on ST Coilovers

The side profile of the wagon looks fantastic. Since we last saw the car, the wheels are also now blacked out as well, completing the murdered out aesthetic the car has going on. It’s like Darth Vader himself was the stylist, imagine, “We’ll do the wheels Obsidian, and the tails in Midnight, and for contrast, we’ll add some black.”

BMW_E91_328i_666_ST_Coilovers_Blackout (8)

Here’s a closeup of the front end.

BMW_E91_328i_666_ST_Coilovers_Blackout (6)

The rear end has undergone some changes as well.

BMW_E91_328i_666_ST_Coilovers_Blackout (7)

Nestled outboard of the functional tow hitch is a custom exhaust for E91 328i. The large, slash cut, rolled edge tips give the car a much more intimidating, authoritative character.

BMW_E91_328i_666_ST_Coilovers_Blackout (10)

With the car on the rack, it’s time to align the suspension. We use a touch-free system to align your car that doesn’t touch your wheels, grabbing the tires instead, meaning no scuffs or marks on your wheels like you might get elsewhere.
BMW_E91_328i_666_ST_Coilovers_Blackout (21) Technician Juan adjusts the rear suspension to get things into spec. BMW_E91_328i_666_ST_Coilovers_Blackout (22)The ‘666’ wagon looks great from every angle, so we went to town shooting it as our techs aligned it. Check out the gratuitous photo gallery below.
BMW_E91_328i_666_ST_Coilovers_Blackout (11)
BMW_E91_328i_666_ST_Coilovers_Blackout (13)

BMW_E91_328i_666_ST_Coilovers_Blackout (16) BMW_E91_328i_666_ST_Coilovers_Blackout (17)

After aligning the ‘666’ wagon, this intimidating beast will be keeping this set of tires for quite some time.

BMW_E91_328i_666_ST_Coilovers_Blackout (14)

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Story & Photos Nicholas Gregson