It’s not easy to get the “Blacked Out” look to work perfectly on every car, and blacking out the right details can make a huge difference in the appearance of your car. This B8 Audi A4 2.0T came in a few weeks ago to make some major changes in its look with some help from the Mod Experts.Audi_B8_A4_Black_RS_Grille_VMR_V701_MB-18To start things off, we fitted this B8 Audi A4‘s front end with an RS4 Style Honeycomb Grille for Audi B8 A4 to eliminate the excessive chrome and that wonky center bar present in the OEM front grille. This alone makes a huge difference visually in the aesthetics of any Audi A4 exterior. However, that wasn’t all we had in store. This A4 came in on a set of matte black VMR Wheels, however aftermarket wheels at stock ride height tends to look a bit off, so the big thing we had in store was lowering the B8 Audi A4 suspension with a set of coilovers.


Offering the best bang for the buck on the market when it comes to suspension, the Mod Experts fitted a set of Solo-Werks S1 Coilovers for B8 Audi A4 to give the car the drop we were looking for.

Audi_B8_A4_Black_RS_Grille_VMR_V701_MB-23 Sitting lower, the matte black VMR V701 Wheels for Audi A4 look an order of magnitude better on the car now that the wheelgap is gone. Audi_B8_A4_Black_RS_Grille_VMR_V701_MB-22 From the side, you can better appreciate the drop in ride height and get a better glimpse of the VMR V701 Wheels.Audi_B8_A4_Black_RS_Grille_VMR_V701_MB-21

The Solo-Werks coilovers come in at just over five and a half benjamins as of press time, and they’re the only coilover in that price bracket that’s actually decent. Featuring the same high quality components you might see in a ST Suspensions kit, Solo-Werks coilovers are no-frills, offering everything you need and nothing you don’t with none of the extra marketing stuff thrown in. Solo-Werks also tests every platform they release coilovers for and adjust the valving of their shocks to deliver outstanding handling performance. It’s worth mentioning that these are fixed damping coilovers, like a KW V1 or ST XA, meaning the shock is not adjustable, but you still have full adjustment of your ride height.


After we fitted the RS4 style grille, we completed the look by blacking out the four rings to complete the blacked out look.
Audi_B8_A4_Black_RS_Grille_VMR_V701_MB-3We love how the final look of the car came out, the drop and the blacked out RS4 grille make this A4 looks much much meaner. We hope you enjoyed the photos. Thanks for reading!

If you have questions about modifying any aspect of your B8 or B8.5 Audi A4, we invite you to ask our team of Modification Experts and check out our Best Mods for B8 Audi A4 writeup here. Each member of our team owns and modifies their own personal cars and have years of firsthand experience building modified cars – give them a call at 714-582-3330, chat live at or just stop by the ModAuto showroom (which is also our install facility) in La Habra, CA on Lambert Rd at Harbor Blvd Monday thru Saturday, 8am – 5pm PST.

Thanks for reading, and we’ll see you next time!

Story & All Original Photos by Nick Gregson