Today our friend Ben from Australia popped in with his ’11 B8 Audi A4 to have ModBargains experienced team of Installers fit it with a Gloss-Black Honeycomb RS4 style grille. This style of grille also omits the visual bar across the impact bar area of the car, creating a much cleaner look.


After seeing it installed on the car, the difference the grille makes on the front of the car is huge.

ben_2011_audi_a4_w_rs_grille_on_avant_garde_m310-04 ben_2011_audi_a4_w_rs_grille_on_avant_garde_m310-05

Installing the RS4 style Honeycomb Mesh grille for B8 A4 is fairly straightforward, but requires that you remove the bumper to put it in. Removing the bumper fascia can be intimidating for the average do it yourselfer and it’s easy to scratch the bumper if you’re not careful, which is why Ben trusted the install to ModBargains team of installers.

ben_2011_audi_a4_w_rs_grille_on_avant_garde_m310-01 ben_2011_audi_a4_w_rs_grille_on_avant_garde_m310-02

A while back, we also had the pleasure of fitting this B8 A4 with a set of Avant Garde M310 Wheels for Audi.

ben_2011_audi_a4_w_rs_grille_on_avant_garde_m310-08 ben_2011_audi_a4_w_rs_grille_on_avant_garde_m310-10 ben_2011_audi_a4_w_rs_grille_on_avant_garde_m310-07

We wrapped the Avant Garde M310 wheels for Audi in a set of Hankook Ventus V12 in 255/35ZR19 to keep this black beauty firmly planted on the pavement.


Photos & Story by Nicholas Gregson