If there’s one bad thing you can say about the B8 Audi S4, it’s that the stock wheels look like something that Chrysler’s design team rejected back in the 1990s – to borrow the 90’s terminology, “gag me with a spoon!”. Fortunately for the world, disposing of those unsightly OEM wheels as as simple as bolting on a new set. Sr Mod Expert Alan recently assisted the owner of this B8 Audi S4 with enhancing the look of his Teutonic supersaloon.

With an AWD car like an Audi equipped with Quattro, the fitments aren’t typically staggered like you’d see with a RWD car like a BMW – rather, the B8 Audi S4 wheels are a “square” fitment with all four wheels and tires of equal size/width to ensure the quattro system stays happy.Audi_B8_S4_black-On_VMR_V710_19x95et45_michelinpss-255-35-19-alancust-img003

With a black car, you have to be careful about what color wheels you choose – going with a black wheel on a black car often makes the wheels blend in and “disappear”, robbing your car of any visual definition or style. That’s why Sr Mod Expert Alan suggested this owner opt for a bright finish, and the hyper silver of this set of VMR Wheels V710 19in wheels for Audi were an outstanding choice.

Spec’d out at 19×9.5 with an offset of ET45, the VMR V710 Audi Wheels are nearly perfectly flush with the edges of the fenders, and keeping all the power of the S4 hooking up on the asphalt is a set of Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires in 255/35-19 to keep handling razor sharp. Ride height is still stock.

The bright Hyper Silver finish gives the car just the right amount of pop and adds a little bit of brightwork to tie into the silver of the headlamps and Four-Ring badge, giving the car a clean “OEM+” aesthetic.Audi_B8_S4_black-On_VMR_V710_19x95et45_michelinpss-255-35-19-alancust-img006 Audi_B8_S4_black-On_VMR_V710_19x95et45_michelinpss-255-35-19-alancust-img007


It really is amazing what a difference that just changing the wheels will make for a car after seeing what the VMR V710 wheels did for this B8 Audi S4 and Mod Expert Alan‘s expert recommendations created a fitment that looks positively cash.

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Story & Photos Nick Gregson