On a uneventful Saturday a few weeks back we had this obsidian hued B8 Audi S4 show up in the lot at ModBargains for a new set of wheels. The OEM wheels aren’t exactly sexy – to be perfectly honest, these OEM Wheels look more like something Volvo would put on an XC90 than anything Audi would put on its supersport Saloon. And therein lies the problem – a new set of wheels are just what the doctor ordered to give this S4 the sexy aesthetic it always deserved. The owner of this S4 reached out to the Mod Experts at ModBargains, and the Mod Experts were able to recommend a fitment and style that suited the S4 perfectly, and these HRE FF01 Wheels for Audi are it.



Fitment: 19×9.5 ET45 Square (Front/Rear)
Tires: OEM 255/35/19
Stock Suspension

At ModBargains, we use a Hunter GSP9700 Road Force Balancer to balance our tires – see that roller on the right in the photo? That’s on a hydraulic arm, and that roller simulates the road surface. By exerting 1000+lb of force on the tire, it deforms the tire exactly how it would sit on the road, offering a more accurate balance than earlier machines and can correct for a variety of different things.

Once mounted on the S4, these wheels for Audi from HRE Performance Wheels look incredible. The black finish ties into the black paint, giving it a matched and coordinated suit, not unlike a suit with matching tie.
Audi_B8_S4_HRE_FF01_Installed_007 Audi_B8_S4_HRE_FF01_Installed_006
The sporty styling of the FF01 lends to the performance image of the S4, serving to further differentiate it from the pedestrian FWD B8 A4 your mom would drive.Audi_B8_S4_HRE_FF01_Installed_005 Audi_B8_S4_HRE_FF01_Installed_004
The FF01s do a great job of showing off the brakes.Audi_B8_S4_HRE_FF01_Installed_003

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Story by Nick Gregson