Audi_B8_A5_20T_AWE_Quad_Exhaust_Black_Tips_CF_Diffuser-3 This bone stock B8.5 Audi A5 2.0 TFSI rolled into the shop the other day to give the car a bit more character. While some may be of the opinion that a car wearing the four rings should be quiet and luxurious, but that’s forgetting Audi‘s sporting heritage. The Audi A5 coupe’s lines are taut and muscular and as such, there’s nothing wrong with wanting a bit more sporting prowess out of the car.

That’s why Benjamin F started chatting with ModAuto CEO/Co-Founder Mike Brown about how to make his new A5 a bit more fun.Audi_B8_A5_20T_AWE_Quad_Exhaust_Black_Tips_CF_Diffuser-4Here’s how Ben’s A5 looked rolling into the shop.


The rear end of the 2.0 TFSI B8.5 Audi A5 is a bit bland with a set of rather drab exhaust tips poking out of a single side exit – we’ll be changing the B8 A5 exterior up a bit with a Carbon Fiber Rear Diffuser for B8 Audi A5 that’s been molded to accommodate a quad tip exhaust setup.Audi_B8_A5_20T_AWE_Quad_Exhaust_Black_Tips_CF_Diffuser-2Quite the stack of parts was in store for Ben’s A5 – in addition to the B8 Audi A5 Carbon Fiber Diffuser for Quad Exhaust was a AWE Tuning Quad Outlet Exhaust for B8 Audi A5 with Diambond Black tips to fill in that quad outlet diffuser and a Forge Motorsport Blowoff Valve for VW/Audi 2.0 TFSI to eliminate boost leaks, sharpen response, and of course, get that delightful blow-off-valve sound.Audi_B8_A5_20T_AWE_Quad_Exhaust_Black_Tips_CF_Diffuser-5

When selecting an exhaust, it’s critical you pick one that you’ll like living with on your daily driver – AWE Tuning is renowned for the outstanding tone of their exhaust systems and extensive testing to tune (in the musical sense of the word) their systems for minimal resonance and drone while also delivering consistent gains in horsepower, torque and fuel economy.

AWE’s mufflers utilize a thing called 180 Technology to mitigate unpleasant sound for an ideal exhaust note.

Audi_B8_A5_20T_AWE_Quad_Exhaust_Black_Tips_CF_Diffuser-6 Audi_B8_A5_20T_AWE_Quad_Exhaust_Black_Tips_CF_Diffuser-7The Blow-Off Valve is just barely outside of the view of the camera, hiding just rearward of the engine cover, tucked under the firewall.


Here’s a view of the cat-back version of the AWE Tuning Quad Exhaust for B8 Audi A5.Audi_B8_A5_20T_AWE_Quad_Exhaust_Black_Tips_CF_Diffuser-14

Stepping a bit further back, we can appreciate how the system looks as a whole – the system has gentle curves for maximum exhaust flow and a high-flow muffler on each side for a proper quad exhaust look.
Audi_B8_A5_20T_AWE_Quad_Exhaust_Black_Tips_CF_Diffuser-16 The diamond black finish of the AWE Tuning B8 A5 exhaust looks especially nice with the carbon fiber. Up close, the diamond black finish looks silver, but we assure you, the tips in the photo above are indeed BLACK.Audi_B8_A5_20T_AWE_Quad_Exhaust_Black_Tips_CF_Diffuser-18 The fitment of the exhaust tips is excellent because the way AWE Tuning‘s exhaust systems are set up, you can adjust the tips for the perfect fitment.

We’ll take one more look from a few different angles before we put the A5 back on the ground.
Audi_B8_A5_20T_AWE_Quad_Exhaust_Black_Tips_CF_Diffuser-13 Audi_B8_A5_20T_AWE_Quad_Exhaust_Black_Tips_CF_Diffuser-17 Audi_B8_A5_20T_AWE_Quad_Exhaust_Black_Tips_CF_Diffuser-19With everything dialed in and adjusted, we pulled Ben’s A5 out into the sunlight to capture a few photos of the new rear end of the A5.
Audi_B8_A5_20T_AWE_Quad_Exhaust_Black_Tips_CF_Diffuser-20 Audi_B8_A5_20T_AWE_Quad_Exhaust_Black_Tips_CF_Diffuser-21 Audi_B8_A5_20T_AWE_Quad_Exhaust_Black_Tips_CF_Diffuser-22 Now let’s take a closer look at how the Diamond Black tips appear in the sun.Audi_B8_A5_20T_AWE_Quad_Exhaust_Black_Tips_CF_Diffuser-23As we said earlier, the diamond black is a perfect compliment to the carbon fiber diffuser.
Audi_B8_A5_20T_AWE_Quad_Exhaust_Black_Tips_CF_Diffuser-24 Audi_B8_A5_20T_AWE_Quad_Exhaust_Black_Tips_CF_Diffuser-25 Audi_B8_A5_20T_AWE_Quad_Exhaust_Black_Tips_CF_Diffuser-26ModAuto CEO/Co-Founder Mike Brown himself had to step outside and admire how nice it all looked installed on the car (that’s him grinning in the background there).

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Story & Photos Nick Gregson