Audi TT MK 3 Lowering Springs (1)Every car looks better with a drop – the current generation Audi TT included. A while back we had this Mark III Audi TT in the shop to give the car the subtle drop it needed to look its best. Albert K had just picked this car up not long before bringing it to see Sr Mod Expert Alan.

Audi TT MK 3 Lowering Springs (11)


With plenty of Audi experience under his belt, Alan had several suggestions for lowering the TT right off the bat.

Audi TT MK 3 Lowering Springs (2)

To achieve the drop we were after without overdoing it, erring on the sportier side of the spectrum, Alan recommended a set of lowering springs from H&R Suspension. The H&R Sport Springs for Audi TT Mk 3 dropped the car by 1in both front and rear for a nice, level drop.

Audi TT MK 3 Lowering Springs (4) The H&R Springs bring the car down just enough to eliminate the excess wheelgap without ruining its ground clearance – something that’s proven to be very necessary on Southern California’s increasingly bad roads.Audi TT MK 3 Lowering Springs (5) The latest iteration of the TT is a far cry from the round-and-friendly original, finally becoming a true sports car, rather than just a sporty car.Audi TT MK 3 Lowering Springs (7) With hard, aggressive lines and dynamic styling, the third generation TT is decidedly masculine.Audi TT MK 3 Lowering Springs (8) The side profile of the car is great with the drop.Audi TT MK 3 Lowering Springs (10) Something as minor as a drop can really have a huge impact on the look and performance of your car.

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Story, Video & Photos Nicholas Gregson