This Audi A7 came in a few weeks ago to be fitted with a better sounding exhaust to wake up the character of the car. An exhaust really alters the character of a car, enhancing its performance, announcing its arrival and improves its aesthetics as well.
That’s why our Mod Experts recommended the AWE Tuning Exhaust for Audi A7 [C7] to spice up this A7.

Our install technicians made quick work of removing the OEM Exhaust and quickly had the AWE Tuning exhaust system partially assembled.
Before long, the system only needed tips and it’d be in- these AWE Tuning systems sound as good as they look, too. These guys meticulously hone the exhaust note of each system they do until they’ve nailed down a setup that minimizes or eliminates drone and sounds great.

Let’s take a look at how the system looks installed with the car back on the ground. For this particular car, the customer’s opted for the Polished tips- the bright finish works well with the car’s white paint and makes for a very crisp look.

The oversize tips fill out the exhaust openings more completely, and still have that slight cant to them needed to follow the lines of the rear bumper. 

The AWE Tuning exhaust really gives the 3.0T a much more interesting, authoritative sound that pleases the ear and announces your arrival.

Have a listen to the sound of this exhaust system for yourself below. Headphones or a kickass stereo are highly recommended to best enjoy the aural goodness.

From every angle, this system looks as good as it sounds.

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Story & Photos Nick Gregson