In a world full of knockoffs, it’s really cool when you get to see the real deal. This E39 BMW 540i is a classic example of the German full size sport sedan, boasting a few genuine AC Schnitzer upgrades and other goodies. While we serviced this car’s brake system, we took a closer look at what gives this E39 its stellar looks.

BMW_E39_ACS_Whls_wing_M5_Bumper_RoofWing_Brakes (16)

The E39 Suspension had already been modified, but a closer look was warranted to know what we’re looking at.

BMW_E39_540i_Eibach_Springs-1The car featured Eibach Suspension goodies and a couple of bits from H&R.

BMW_E39_540i_HR_Spacers_Installed (1 of 1)Giving the wheels their flush look is a set of H&R TRAK+ Spacers for BMW E39 5-series.



The E39 has been dropped with a set of Eibach Pro-Kit Springs for BMW E39 5-Series, which drops the 540i 1.5 inches up front and 1.0 inches out back, which coupled with the H&R Trak+ Spacers, give the car the low-slung, aggressive stance you see here.

BMW_E39_ACS_Whls_wing_M5_Bumper_RoofWing_Brakes (18)

We’re told these are genuine article wide 19 inch AC Schnitzer wheels and have been with the car almost since it was new.
BMW_E39_ACS_Whls_wing_M5_Bumper_RoofWing_Brakes (7)BMW_E39_ACS_Whls_wing_M5_Bumper_RoofWing_Brakes (6) While they’re not everyone’s cup of tea, these wheels for BMW E39 5-series do look rather nice.BMW_E39_ACS_Whls_wing_M5_Bumper_RoofWing_Brakes (21)

BMW_E39_ACS_Whls_wing_M5_Bumper_RoofWing_Brakes (22)Under the hood, we found a Cold Air Intake for BMW 540i and a DINAN Strut Tower Brace.

BMW_E39_540i_Magnaflow_Catback-1The 540i sports an exhaust system befitting a muscular V8 – a Magnaflow Catback Exhaust for BMW E39 540i.
Now let’s take a look at the finer details.

BMW_E39_ACS_Whls_wing_M5_Bumper_RoofWing_Brakes (13)BMW_E39_ACS_Whls_wing_M5_Bumper_RoofWing_Brakes (14)

We love the subtlety of the ACS Trunk Spoiler for BMW E39.

BMW_E39_ACS_Whls_wing_M5_Bumper_RoofWing_Brakes (20)


The E39 Lighting has been upgraded as well, boasting a fresh set of projector headlights with halos.

BMW_E39_ACS_Whls_wing_M5_Bumper_RoofWing_Brakes (3)

BMW_E39_ACS_Whls_wing_M5_Bumper_RoofWing_Brakes (1) This BMW 540i boasts an M5 Style Front Bumper for E39, giving it a sharper look than the tamer standard nose of the 5er.BMW_E39_ACS_Whls_wing_M5_Bumper_RoofWing_Brakes (2)Here’s another angle on the M5 Style bumper.BMW_E39_540i_Eibach_Springs-7 BMW_E39_ACS_Whls_wing_M5_Bumper_RoofWing_Brakes (8) One of the other great subtle touches we love on this car is the Roof Wing for BMW E39 5-series.

BMW_E39_540i_Eibach_Springs-6 With regular service, even classic modded Euros like this ACS Modded E39 BMW 540i will be around for years to come.BMW_E39_540i_Eibach_Springs-7

Thanks for joining us and we hope you enjoyed the photos of this gorgeous example of the E39 bodystyle. See you next time!

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AC Schnitzer
19in Front/Rear
Eibach Pro-Kit Springs
H&R TRAK+ Spacers

Story & Photos Nicholas Gregson