While many know us for our work with BMWs, we’re well versed in flat sixes from Stuttgart, too. This Porsche 997 Carrera came in to give the car a sportier, lower stance more befitting a Porsche’s character. A great way to do that is a set of Eibach Pro Kit Springs for Porsche 997.
The factory ride height setting for the standard Carrera is a bit excessive, which looks a bit silly.

The Eibach Springs for 997 Porsche Carrera we installed drops the 997 Carrera Suspension a noticeable yet subtle 1.2in both front and rear for a more low slung aesthetic and the lower center of gravity along with stiffer spring rate translate into sportier handling as well without getting overly harsh.

The 1.2in drop offered by the Eibach Springs eliminates the excess wheelgap while still leaving more than enough clearance for the rather imperfect streets of southern California. Here’s a closeup of the new ride height up front.

And here’s the rear view. If you’d like to lower your Porsche but don’t want to go “too low” or ruin your ride quality, Eibach Pro-Kit Springs are an ideal way to go, which is why they’re one of the parts that are recommended most by our Mod Experts.

Thinking about modifying your Porsche 997 Carrera and aren’t sure where to start, or need some ideas?

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Story by Nick Gregson