Porsche-Boxster-AWE-Exhaust (19) As we’ve no doubt said before and we’re certainly likely to say again, after a set of wheels and a drop, an exhaust system is one of the most noticeable things you can do to your 981 Porsche Boxster – and when that exhaust system comes from AWE Tuning, well, things get even better.

An exhaust system will uncork the fantastic sound of your Boxster’s flat six, unleash more horsepower and torque to the wheels and reduce weight compared to your stock components.

Porsche-Boxster-AWE-Exhaust (13)

Offering an amazing compromise of performance and exhaust tone, the AWE Tuning Performance Exhaust for 981 Porsche Boxster and Cayman is a system that looks as good as it sounds. With hundreds of man hours in the development of each system they offer, AWE Tuning was able to deliver a gain of 13hp and 19tq on Boxster models.

Porsche-Boxster-AWE-Exhaust (3)With more power on tap with the AWE Tuning Performance Exhaust for Porsche 981 Boxster/Cayman, you’ll be able to leave the guys with stock Porsches at the lights. With gas purged welds, each AWE Tuning Exhaust for Porsche 981 is a work of art in its own right.

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The AWE Tuning exhaust is a cat-back setup, leaving the catalytic converters intact and in place – meaning no check engine lights or emissions issues.

Porsche-Boxster-AWE-Exhaust (15)

With the factory exhaust removed, it’s amazing just how much space the OEM exhaust system occupies – making it much easier to visualize the weight savings.

Porsche-Boxster-AWE-Exhaust (4)

Here’s the tube that connects the mufflers to the catalytic converters – notice how smooth the bends are. It’s that optimized exhaust flow that allowed AWE Tuning to pull another 13hp out of the car.

 AWE Performance Exhaust Porsche Boxster Cayman 3010-32020 3010-33024 black tips

One of the great things about AWE Tuning’s line of exhaust system is that they’re very customizable and can be tweaked to suit your tastes – this exhaust is offered with your choice of Polished Silver or Diamond Black 102mm tips, which are individually adjustable so you can set them exactly where you’d like.

Porsche-Boxster-AWE-Exhaust (7)

The diamond black 102mm tips fill the factory exhaust opening beautifully, using all of the available space to create both a cleaner and more aggressive aesthetic.

 AWE Performance Exhaust Porsche Boxster Cayman 3010-32020 3010-33024 black tips

With everything installed and in place, the exhaust system looks to be every bit of the upgrade that the 981 deserves.

Porsche-Boxster-AWE-Exhaust (6)

Porsche is as much about understatement and class as it is performance, so it’s worth noting that this exhaust system looks right at home peeking through the valance.

Porsche-Boxster-AWE-Exhaust (17)

Curious what this system sounds like? Give it a listen in this clip.

More than the horsepower and torque you gain or the value for the money, the most important characteristic of an exhaust system is the sound, so it’s absolutely imperative that you personally listen and compare sound clips to be sure that you’ll like the sound you get.

 AWE Performance Exhaust Porsche Boxster Cayman 3010-32020 3010-33024 black tips

While diamond black looks great, Polished Silver tips are also a handsome choice.

That wraps it up for this post – unfortunately that’s all we have on this install. If you’re looking for a system that’s great to live with, that’s of outstanding quality with a sound worthy of your Porsche, this system showcases why an AWE Tuning Performance Exhaust should be at the top of your short list.

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Story Nicholas Gregson
Photos Bryan Munoz