Audi_8V_S3_OZ_Superturismo_Wheels-2 The 8V Audi S3 is a handsome little sport sedan, however the stock wheels, while not the worst thing in the world, are less than sexy. That’s why this S3 sought out the help of the Mod Experts to get a new look on a fresh set of wheels at ModAuto.


With a potent 2.0 Turbocharged engine under the hood, the S3 is basically a VW Golf R in a fancy suit. However, like any good suit, you need the right accessories for it to look its best.

Audi_8V_S3_OZ_Superturismo_Wheels-4 To give the car a look that lives up to its sporting potential, the owner of this S3 chose to go with a set of custom OZ Wheels for Audi S3 in semi-gloss black.

Audi_8V_S3_OZ_Superturismo_Wheels-14Audi_8V_S3_OZ_Superturismo_Wheels-5 The multispoke look of the OZ wheels gives the car something of a DTM look and the sharp lines immediately makes the car a head-turner.

That’s the difference just one simple change like a set of wheels can have on the look of your Audi. The owner of this S3 loves the new look of the car after just one visit to ModAuto, and we’re big fans of how the car turned out.

Audi_8V_S3_OZ_Superturismo_Wheels-9 The side profile is excellent, though some lowering springs would make its stance “perfect”.
Audi_8V_S3_OZ_Superturismo_Wheels-15 The OZs give the car a lower, more aggressive look than stock as well.

That’s it for now, we hope you enjoyed the photos.

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Story & Photos by Nick Gregson