Ford_Fiesta_ST_Rally_Wings_ST_Coilovers_Gold_XXR-1Back in 2014, our Project ST took the crown for “fastest Fiesta ST” at the first Mountune 1/4 Mile Challenge, leaving us with a wealth of credit for mountune goodies to try out. It’d been a while since we’d done anything to our project ST, so these mountune ST upgrades were just what the doctor ordered.
Ford_Fiesta_ST_Mountune_RMM_Chargepipe-1We felt like changing things up under the car, so after 10,000+ on the Cobb RMM, we installed the mountune Rear Motor Mount for Fiesta ST.

Featuring Powerflex bushings mated to mountune’s own machined core, the mountune RMM for Fiesta ST doesn’t vibrate at all when idling with the AC on, but the damping of the bushings has slightly more give to it than the Cobb RMM without being overly soft, offering an improved feel over stock.

Both the Cobb RMM and mountune RMM great products, so the better option for you depends on your tastes. Either one is a great choice for a daily-driven street-commuter Fiesta ST.Ford_Fiesta_ST_Mountune_RMM_Chargepipe-4 This RMM has been in the car for a few thousand miles now, and this is how it looks after quite a bit of exposure to the road – still looks great, too.

In addition to the rear motor mount, we also replaced the annoying resonator donut thingie in the hotside chargepipe with the mountune Hotside Chargepipe for Fiesta ST.Ford_Fiesta_ST_Mountune_RMM_Chargepipe-7

This is another warranty-friendly part that will enhance the performance of your Fiesta ST whether you’re stock or Stage III. By eliminating that resonator thing, we reduce the pressure drop by 2kpa for sharper throttle response and personally I’ve noticed a more “jet engine” like note when my turbo spools.Ford_Fiesta_ST_Mountune_RMM_Chargepipe-5 Here’s how the hotside chargepipe looks installed – and it clears my Pierce Motorsports Lower Tie Brace (2pt) quite nicely.Ford_Fiesta_ST_Mountune_RMM_Chargepipe-6
Ford_Fiesta_ST_Mountune_RMM_Chargepipe-8The hotside chargepipe replaces the section that feeds the turbocharger itself, which is probably why the change is noticeable.
Ford_Fiesta_ST_Rally_Wings_ST_Coilovers_Gold_XXR-2 In addition to the mountune goodies, we also made a few other cosmetic exterior mods for Fiesta ST. A while back we applied Performance Blue vinyls to the endplates of our Rally Innovations Race Spoiler for Fiesta ST and the Rally Innovations Side Skirts for Fiesta ST, giving the aero a slightly different look.




In addition to the endplates, we also changed the color of our Fiesta ST wheels to Hammertone Rosemary, a nice shade between gold and silver that better sets of the stance created by the ST Suspension XTA Coilovers for Fiesta ST.
Up front, we gave the Rally Innovations Front Splitter for Fiesta ST the same treatment with body color vinyl on the endplates to make it “pop” a bit more.

Ford_Fiesta_ST_Rally_Wings_ST_Coilovers_Gold_XXR-13 We’re really pleased with how our Project Fiesta ST has come along and how it continues to evolve.Ford_Fiesta_ST_Rally_Wings_ST_Coilovers_Gold_XXR-15Interested in modding your Fiesta ST? Looking for Fiesta ST mods? Check out our selection of Fiesta ST parts here, or if you need advice on your next mod, talk to our team of Mod Experts – give us a call at 714-582-3330, chat live at or just stop by the ModAuto showroom on Lambert@Harbor in La Habra, CA, just 20 mins from Disneyland.

We hope you enjoyed the photos, thanks for joining us! See you next time.

Story & Photos Nick Gregson