HRE FF15 Wheels in Liquid Silver F” 19×8.5 ET47 Rear 19×9.5 ET45 235/35-19 – 255/30-19 Toyo T1 Sports

While Ron’s C63 AMG looked good on the H&R Springs, that was simply a temporary solution – Ron had some serious bling for the W204 Suspension waiting in a box once we got back from the show. Now it was time to put the car’s REAL suspension on. BC Racing Coilovers have been extremely successful the last year or so, offering a quality 30-way adjustable coilover at the bargain basement price of around a grand for most vehicles – but this beast is damn near a supercar, as you’d expect of any car wearing a REAL AMG badge. So of course, we needed suspension as bespoke as the HRE FF15 wheels.


HRE FF15 Wheels in Liquid Silver F” 19×8.5 ET47 Rear 19×9.5 ET45 235/35-19 – 255/30-19 Toyo T1 Sports

BC Racing recently unveiled an all new coilover, their new ER Series Coilovers featuring an external reservoir.

BC_RACING_W204_ER_COilovers (1) Let’s take a closer look at these beauties. BC_RACING_W204_ER_COilovers (3)

The external reservoir BC Racing ER Series coilovers for C63 AMG allow for increased oil capacity for the shock damper. The additional oil capacity reduces peak oil temperatures, which decreases variations in shock damping, due to oil viscosity changes as the shock heats up and cools off during normal driving conditions. The reduction in damping rate variations improves handling and ultimate on road and track performance.

Mercedes_W204_C63_AMG_MBFS0407_R_Style_CF_Splitter_IMG-12After installing the coilovers, we used our alignment rack and corner balancing rig to dial in the settings of the BC Racing Coilovers for Mercedes W204.

Mercedes_W204_C63_AMG_BC_ER_Coilovers_HRE_FF15_CF_Lip_Diffuser-8After having the BC Racing External Reservoir Coilovers installed for a few days, Ron tells us he loves the ride.

“The ride quality with these is better than the suspension I spent $6k on for another car, it handles and rides so much better than stock and looks great, too.”
Mercedes_W204_C63_AMG_BC_ER_Coilovers_HRE_FF15_CF_Lip_Diffuser-4“I highly recommend these to any C63 AMG Owner considering a set of coilovers.”
Mercedes_W204_C63_AMG_BC_ER_Coilovers_HRE_FF15_CF_Lip_Diffuser-2 Given the awesome stance the car has now, we’d be inclined to agree.Mercedes_W204_C63_AMG_BC_ER_Coilovers_HRE_FF15_CF_Lip_Diffuser-1


That’s it for now, but by no means is that all – we have more W204 Parts & Upgrades in store coming soon.


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Thanks for reading, and join us again soon for an update on the 996TT and more as we continue to mod the Benz.

Story & Photos Nick Gregson